Thursday, November 27, 2008

International Relations, Digestive Health, Jazz Ensemble & Arts Review

Guests on the Show:

1. Dave Deroche
A debate on the responsibility of the international community to become involved in world conflicts. The debate will be taking place Debember 1st at 6pm.
For more imformation, visit:

2. Catherine Mulvale- RISE: Conquer the Great Divide
Catherine and her some are part of a team raising money and awareness for digestive health and disease such as Crohn's , colitis, celiac disease, lactose intolerance and several more.
The National RISE event includes dogsleding, snowshoing and cross-country skiing in Alberta and will be taking place in February. If you are interested in forming a team for the adventure, or want any more information, visit:

3.Ernesto Cervini
Conductor of the Hart House Jazz ensemble. Professional musicians need not apply! If you're interested in playing a wide range of music , visit the site listed below. The next performance is taking place December 5th in Hart House Arbour Room at 9pm.

4. Macy Sui
Call for Submissions for 2009 issue of the Hart House Review which is put together by the literary and library committe.
The Hart House review is an annual publication of a wide range essays, poetry, prose, photography and artwork from UofT students as well as Hart House members. Deadline for submissions is: December 31, 2008 at midnight.
Applications for editorial positions are also being considered until Friday, December 5th, 2008.

Music on the Show:
Coin Gutter - Zero article
Lights - February Air
Proof of Ghosts - Genevieve
Woodpigeon - Anna, Girl in the Clocktower
Hart House Jazz Ensemble - Teach Me Tonight
Wolf Parade - Language City,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Think Pink, Stories that Bind, and Students for Justice

Guests on the Show

1. Ivan Canete - Varsity Blues Promotion Manager at the Athletics Centre
Ivan told us about Think Pink a fundraiser event for breast cancer research next weekend. There will be the women's basketball game (6pm Friday), and women's ice hockey and other sports. There will also be raffles and prize draws. You can help by purchasing a Varsity Blues "Think Pink" t-shirts for $10 which will be on sale around campus. Visit:

2. Sandra Huh and Dae-Tong Huh - The Korean Canadian Literary Forum - 21 Press
We spoke about hte upcoming "Stories that Bind" festival happened this Saturday Nov. 22 from 11-6 at Hart House. The festival includes readings with, among others, several Giller Prize short-listers, and a documentary screening. For more informations, visit: or their Facebook group: "Stories that bind festival"

3. Nasif Abdullah - Students for World Justice
Today there will be doing a viewing of a recent CBC documentary investigating the situation of Omar Kadar. Omar Kadar is a Canadian who is currently a prisoner in Guantanemo Bay and whose situation has sparked wide controversery. The viewing will be tonight at 5:15pm in room 1130 of the Bahen Centre, admission is free. For information on the screening and the "Students for World Justice" visit their Facebook group: or come out to the event and sign up.

Music on the Show

Caribou - Crayon
Mother Mother - Arms Tonite
Caribou - Eastern Europe
The Stills - Eastern Europe
Hayden - Where and When
The Most Serene Republic - Career in Shaping Clay
Boards of Canada - Sixtyniner
Wolf Parade - Soldier's Grin

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tutoring, Story-telling and Cross Country

Guests on the show:

1. Kimberly Stemshorn - Project Universal Minds (ASSU)
Kim spoke about the arts and science tutoring highschool students in Toronto. Tutors for the program are badly needed! To sign up, go to the ASSU office at Sid Smith or visit

2. Liz Went- Hart House Literary and Library Committee (Hart House)
Liz spoke about Philip Lee's book reading for "Bittersweet Confessions of a Twice Married Man" happening tonight 7pm at Hart House library.
The Literary and Library committee also runs monthly poetry readings, short story contests and manages collection the Hart House Library. For contest details or to get involved, see

3. Sana Rizivi- Aboriginal Storytelling & Crafts for Kids
Sana joined us to speak about an event taking place Sunday, November 23rd from 1-3pm in Hart House' East Common Room. Shannon Thunderbird will be leading an afternoon of craft, song and stroytelling for kids of all ages, but geared towards children 5-10 years old. The event is FREE and includes craft material.

4. Megan Brown- University of Toronto Track Team
Megan is the CIS Cross Country gold medal winner for the Canadian University Games 2008. She also lead the team to a 2nd place finish. This is Megans second gold medal win in two years competing.

Music on the show:
Boards of Canada - Sixtyniner
Mother Mother - Wisdom
Hexes and Ohs - You're a hologram
Hayden - Did I wake up beside you
Wolf Parade - Language City
Holy Fuck - Casio bossa nova
Sunset Rubdown - Shut up I am dreaming of a place where lovers have wings

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pledge! Support and become a friend of CIUT 89.5 FM

Pledge and support CIUT Toronto community radio. The station exists through the support of listeners, so please make a donation.

Phone: 416-946-7800 and 1-888-204-8976

Guests on the Show:

1. Ivan Canete - Varsity Blues

2. The Banana Boys - A Hart House Theatre Production

3. Jason van Eyk - ArtsZone U of T

4. Dr. Louise Cowin - Warden of Hart House

5. Dr. David Naylor - President of the University of Toronto

Music on the Show:

Final Fantasy - Horsetail Feathers
Mother Mother - Miles
The Stills - Dinosaur
Crystal Castles - Air War
Cadence Weapon - In Search of the Youth Crew
Plants and Animals - Keep it real
Hayden - Damn this feeling