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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Unknown Culprits, Victor Swift, Drop Fees Coalition, Varsity Blues Womens' Lacrosse

October 29th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. The Unknown Culprits

To lead off the show members from the Toronto rock band The Unknown Culprits were in studio to perform live. The band originally hails from Kelowna, B.C. but the band is now a regular on the Toronto rock scene and recently played the Horseshoe Tavern. For upcoming show times and locations please check out their myspace page.


2. Victor Swift & Stages Open Mic Night

Next on the show Hart House Music Correspondent Q Chen sat down with Musician Victor Swift to talk about the Stages Open Mic Night, an opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents on the last Thursday of every month in the Arbor Room. Victor is an accomplished musician in his own right and we were lucky enough to have him perform live after the interview.



3. Adam Awad, Member of the Drop Fees for a Poverty Free Ontario Coalition

For our third interview Gavin spoke with Adam Awad, a member of the Drop Fees for a Poverty Free Ontario Coalition, about what's been going on around campus
leading up to their Province Wide Day of Action on November 5th. The Coalition hopes to get students to come out to Queen's Park to ask for more accessible
post-secondary education.


4. Todd Pepper, Coach of Varsity Blues Womens' Lacrosse Team

At the bottom of the hour Todd Pepper, coach of varsity blues women's' lacrosse team was in studio to talk with Darcy about the team’s recent victory over the Guelph gryphons which brought their record to an impressive 12-0.


Monday, October 26, 2009

SCC, HH Dinner Series, TYP, War Child UofT

October 22nd, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Rosie Posca, Program Manager, Athletic Centre Strength and Conditioning Centre

To lead off the show Darcy and Rosie Posca, Program Manager for the Athletic Centre's Strength and Conditioning Centre spoke about the exciting changes to the SCC and the wide arraay of open recreational opportunities for students in fitness and health.


2. Phillip Khaiat, The Hart House Dinner Series

Also on today’s show Phillip Khaiat, the Organizer behind the Hart House Dinner Series, was on the line to speak about the series and its first guest speaker Guillermo Silva-Marin General Director of the Toronto Operetta Theatre.


3. Ahmed Ahmed, The Transitional Year Programme Preservation

For our third interview on the show Gavin sat down with Ahmed Ahmed from the Transitional Year Programme Preservation Alliance to discuss the debate on campus around moving the TYP into Arts and Science at Wordsworth. The vote this week on the move was postponed after a raucous meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
Council on Monday.


4. Oriana Vaccarino, War Child U of T

At the bottom of the hour Oriana Vaccarino ,VP of War Child U of T was in studio to talk about this charitable organization which is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to war-affected children around the world.


Get Started, Athletes for Africa, Eat Local!, Varsity Blues Soccer

October 15th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Curtis Cole from the Academic Advising & Career Centre

To lead off the show Gavin and Curtis Cole from the Academic Advising & Career Centre discussed "Get Started", an early academic orientation program designed to help new students feel comfortable with their options and opportunities.


2. Adrian Bradbury, Athletes for Africa

Also on the show Adrian Bradbury was in studio to talk about the program Athletes for Africa, which earlier this year in partnership with the Steve Nash Foundation launched Football for Good, an initiative that will see academy football (soccer), leadership training and arts and cultural programming reach youth in areas affected by conflict.


3. Student Volunteers from Eat Local!

Our next guests were involved in the Eat Local event at the international students centre on Wednesday, October 21st . The event is part of Food week and aims to bring greater awareness to the University of Toronto population and the local community about the importance and benefits of eating locally grown and produced food.


4. Heidi Borgmann, Varsity Soccer

At the bottom of the hour Darcy was joined in studio by Heidi Borgmann to talk about The varsity soccer team’s upcoming matches against rivals Carleton and Ottawa. The blues hope to avenge a 1-nil defeat at the hands of Carleton last year, and are also looking forward to hosting the nationals in the month of November.


Velcrow Ripper, UTCAP, Job Shadowing, Centre for Community Partnerships

October 8th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Day Milman & Director Velcrow Ripper

To lead off the show Jeff spoke with director Velcrow Ripper about his documentary film Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action. The film is being screened at Hart House as part of the Conscious activism Documentary Festival and Day Milman was in studio to fill in all the details.


2. David Berliner & Clara Luke, University of Toronto Campus Agriculture Project

Next on the show David Berliner and Clara Luke dropped in to the Map Room to talk about the University of Toronto Campus Agriculture Project. The project is dedicated to unifying, coordinating, and developing the various agricultural and gardening initiatives on campus and just completed a busy harvest season.


3. Ron Wener, Extern Job Shadowing Program Coordinator, Uoft Career Centre

Our third guest on the show was Ron Wener from the University of Toronto’s Career Centre. Ron discussed the Career Centre's Job shadowing program which allows uoft students to xplore a career by visiting with professionals in the workplace in order to see what a typical 9-5 workday looks like.


4. Sasha Moldovan, Centre for Community Partnerships

At the bottom of the hour Gavin sat down with representatives from the Centre for Community Partnerships, which is now offering an exciting new community service program. "Serve & Learn" offers University of Toronto students unique opportunities to engage in a wide variety of meaningful service-learning placements and Sasha will be here to discuss some of these opportunities.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Classes in Athletics, Camera Club & Crafting, HH Committees, UofT Food Services

September 24th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Desmond Miller, UofT Athletic Centre

To lead off this show Desmond Miller from the Athletic centre spoke with Darcy about the wonderful array of Instructional and Recreational opportunities at the Athletic Centre and Varsity Centre in '09/'10.


2. Day Milman, Hart House Programme Coordinator & Saad Chahine, Hart House Camera Club

Our second interview on the show featured Day Milman and Saad Chahine, who spoke about the HH camera club and Craft Night respectively. The Camera club at Hart House offers classes and workshops available to the public, including two new courses in infrared and digital photography. Craft Night at Hart House is a very relaxed, friendly evening of crafting that is free and available to everyone.


3. Laney Marshall, Hart House Director of Programmes

This episode of BTC featured a double bill of Hart House Programme staff, as our next guest was Programme director Laney Marshall, who called in to the show to update us on the Hart House Standing committees call for first year reps and the ever popular 5buck lunch series


4. Jaco Lokker, Director of Food Services at U of T

To finish up the show Gavin sat down with Jaco Lokker, Director of Food Services at U of T. Gavin and Jaco spoke about the renovations to both the Robart's and the Sid Smith Cafeterias, as well as healthy food options on campus.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

New UofT Student Website, Sri Lanka Panel Discussion, Ask First Campaign, Queer Events on Campus

September 17th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Deanne Fisher, Director, Office of Student Life at UofT

Our first guest on today's show was Deanne Fisher, the Director of
Student Life at the University of Toronto. Deanne spoke with Darcy about the exciting, newly launched students access website that is packed with new features and multimedia.
Check it out for yourself at:


2. Shiva Logarajah, Hart House Debates Committee

Next on the show Shiva Logarajah sat down in studio to speak with Jeff and Gavin about a panel discussion at Hart House entitled, Sri Lanka: Short Term Imperatives and Long Term Solutions. Shiva spoke about the expert panelists that will be speaking at the event and also addressed why it is so important to start a dialogue in support of a lasting peace in Sri Lanka. This free event takes place at Hart House in the Debates room on September 22nd and is open to the community.


3. Cheryl Champagne, Assault Counsellor / Educator, Counseling and Psychological Services at UofT

At half past the hour Darcy was joined on the show by regular guest Cheryl Champagne, who dropped by to inform listeners about the Counselling and Psychological Services' Ask First Campaign. Cheryl was able to address some of the myths and popular misconceptions surrounding sexual assault as well as inform listeners about resources and workshops that are available on campus.


4. Fariya Mohiuddin and Cory Scott from LGBTOUT

At the bottom of the hour on today’s show guests Fariya Mohiuddin and Cory Scott from LGBTOUT spoke with Gavin about Queer events coming up on Campus including the welcome BBQ and the Homohop taking place on Friday September 18th.