Friday, September 25, 2009

Classes in Athletics, Camera Club & Crafting, HH Committees, UofT Food Services

September 24th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Desmond Miller, UofT Athletic Centre

To lead off this show Desmond Miller from the Athletic centre spoke with Darcy about the wonderful array of Instructional and Recreational opportunities at the Athletic Centre and Varsity Centre in '09/'10.

2. Day Milman, Hart House Programme Coordinator & Saad Chahine, Hart House Camera Club

Our second interview on the show featured Day Milman and Saad Chahine, who spoke about the HH camera club and Craft Night respectively. The Camera club at Hart House offers classes and workshops available to the public, including two new courses in infrared and digital photography. Craft Night at Hart House is a very relaxed, friendly evening of crafting that is free and available to everyone.

3. Laney Marshall, Hart House Director of Programmes

This episode of BTC featured a double bill of Hart House Programme staff, as our next guest was Programme director Laney Marshall, who called in to the show to update us on the Hart House Standing committees call for first year reps and the ever popular 5buck lunch series

4. Jaco Lokker, Director of Food Services at U of T

To finish up the show Gavin sat down with Jaco Lokker, Director of Food Services at U of T. Gavin and Jaco spoke about the renovations to both the Robart's and the Sid Smith Cafeterias, as well as healthy food options on campus.

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