Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grad Room, Coalition Government, and Hart House Activities

Guests on the show:

1. Jeff Richardson - Programming Co-ordinator of Gradute Students
We spoke with Jeff about the new Grad Room: a place for grad students to hang out. For more information visit:

2. Jamie Biggar - Canadians for a Progressive Coalition
A grassroots and non-partisan citizen group working to build momentum and demonstrate support for a progressive coalition in Canada. For more information visit:

3. Abby Ralph - Hart House Programs Intern
We spoke with Abby about two big events: Hot Talks and the Hancock Lecture. Hot Talks is a collection of talk about a variety of interesting and thought-provoking topics. The next one is on Jan 21st at 6:30pm in the Arbor Room. For more information visit: The Hancock lecture is on February 4th at 7pm featuring Prof. Nick Bontis, get free tickets through:

4. Rick Palidor - Hart House Film Board
We spoke with Rick about the Hart House Film Board and the U of T Film Festival. The board is now accepting submissions for the festival until February 14th, 2009. The film board is also hosting a variety of workshops on various aspects of filmmaking. For more information visit: and

Music on the show:

Montag - Going Places
Patrick Watson - Luscious Life
Stars - 14 Forever
Wolf Parade - The Grey Estates
Hexes and Ohs - Looking to Fight
Major Maker - Forty-five

Thursday, December 4, 2008

National Day of Rememberance and Action, Community Partnerships, World Music, and Grad Escapes

Guests on the show:

1. Cheryl Campagne - Status of Women Office
The Status of Women Office has the mandate "to address inequities experienced by women at the University and to promote policy development in areas of particular relevance to women." We spoke with Cheryl about the National Day of Rememberance and Action happening on December 5th. The event focuses on violence against marginalized communities. The main event is from 12:15 to 1:30 at the Great Hall in Hart House. For more information visit:

2. Mary Thelander - Centre for Community Partnerships
We spoke with Mary about the From 3 to 3 Volunteer program. The program's goal is to link up volunteers with young people from diverse cultural background and aid them in learning english as a second language. For more information and to apply as a volunteer visit:

3. Tim Des Islets - Director of World Music
The World of Music organizes workshops around the city and throughout the year. They pride themselves on having a diverse group of artists and types of music and linking different creative people together who might not normally meet. Tonight will be their "wrap-up" party in the Arbor Room at Hart House at 9pm.

4. Estelle Olivia - Grad Escapes

For more information visit:

Music on the show:
Dandi Wind - Powerball
Patrick Watson - Giver
Stars - Undertow
Electric Gypsyland - La Revedere
Autorickshaw /w Gordon Shead - Surya
Mother Mother - Miles
Hexes and Ohs - Suspicion

Thursday, November 27, 2008

International Relations, Digestive Health, Jazz Ensemble & Arts Review

Guests on the Show:

1. Dave Deroche
A debate on the responsibility of the international community to become involved in world conflicts. The debate will be taking place Debember 1st at 6pm.
For more imformation, visit:

2. Catherine Mulvale- RISE: Conquer the Great Divide
Catherine and her some are part of a team raising money and awareness for digestive health and disease such as Crohn's , colitis, celiac disease, lactose intolerance and several more.
The National RISE event includes dogsleding, snowshoing and cross-country skiing in Alberta and will be taking place in February. If you are interested in forming a team for the adventure, or want any more information, visit:

3.Ernesto Cervini
Conductor of the Hart House Jazz ensemble. Professional musicians need not apply! If you're interested in playing a wide range of music , visit the site listed below. The next performance is taking place December 5th in Hart House Arbour Room at 9pm.

4. Macy Sui
Call for Submissions for 2009 issue of the Hart House Review which is put together by the literary and library committe.
The Hart House review is an annual publication of a wide range essays, poetry, prose, photography and artwork from UofT students as well as Hart House members. Deadline for submissions is: December 31, 2008 at midnight.
Applications for editorial positions are also being considered until Friday, December 5th, 2008.

Music on the Show:
Coin Gutter - Zero article
Lights - February Air
Proof of Ghosts - Genevieve
Woodpigeon - Anna, Girl in the Clocktower
Hart House Jazz Ensemble - Teach Me Tonight
Wolf Parade - Language City,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Think Pink, Stories that Bind, and Students for Justice

Guests on the Show

1. Ivan Canete - Varsity Blues Promotion Manager at the Athletics Centre
Ivan told us about Think Pink a fundraiser event for breast cancer research next weekend. There will be the women's basketball game (6pm Friday), and women's ice hockey and other sports. There will also be raffles and prize draws. You can help by purchasing a Varsity Blues "Think Pink" t-shirts for $10 which will be on sale around campus. Visit:

2. Sandra Huh and Dae-Tong Huh - The Korean Canadian Literary Forum - 21 Press
We spoke about hte upcoming "Stories that Bind" festival happened this Saturday Nov. 22 from 11-6 at Hart House. The festival includes readings with, among others, several Giller Prize short-listers, and a documentary screening. For more informations, visit: or their Facebook group: "Stories that bind festival"

3. Nasif Abdullah - Students for World Justice
Today there will be doing a viewing of a recent CBC documentary investigating the situation of Omar Kadar. Omar Kadar is a Canadian who is currently a prisoner in Guantanemo Bay and whose situation has sparked wide controversery. The viewing will be tonight at 5:15pm in room 1130 of the Bahen Centre, admission is free. For information on the screening and the "Students for World Justice" visit their Facebook group: or come out to the event and sign up.

Music on the Show

Caribou - Crayon
Mother Mother - Arms Tonite
Caribou - Eastern Europe
The Stills - Eastern Europe
Hayden - Where and When
The Most Serene Republic - Career in Shaping Clay
Boards of Canada - Sixtyniner
Wolf Parade - Soldier's Grin

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tutoring, Story-telling and Cross Country

Guests on the show:

1. Kimberly Stemshorn - Project Universal Minds (ASSU)
Kim spoke about the arts and science tutoring highschool students in Toronto. Tutors for the program are badly needed! To sign up, go to the ASSU office at Sid Smith or visit

2. Liz Went- Hart House Literary and Library Committee (Hart House)
Liz spoke about Philip Lee's book reading for "Bittersweet Confessions of a Twice Married Man" happening tonight 7pm at Hart House library.
The Literary and Library committee also runs monthly poetry readings, short story contests and manages collection the Hart House Library. For contest details or to get involved, see

3. Sana Rizivi- Aboriginal Storytelling & Crafts for Kids
Sana joined us to speak about an event taking place Sunday, November 23rd from 1-3pm in Hart House' East Common Room. Shannon Thunderbird will be leading an afternoon of craft, song and stroytelling for kids of all ages, but geared towards children 5-10 years old. The event is FREE and includes craft material.

4. Megan Brown- University of Toronto Track Team
Megan is the CIS Cross Country gold medal winner for the Canadian University Games 2008. She also lead the team to a 2nd place finish. This is Megans second gold medal win in two years competing.

Music on the show:
Boards of Canada - Sixtyniner
Mother Mother - Wisdom
Hexes and Ohs - You're a hologram
Hayden - Did I wake up beside you
Wolf Parade - Language City
Holy Fuck - Casio bossa nova
Sunset Rubdown - Shut up I am dreaming of a place where lovers have wings

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pledge! Support and become a friend of CIUT 89.5 FM

Pledge and support CIUT Toronto community radio. The station exists through the support of listeners, so please make a donation.

Phone: 416-946-7800 and 1-888-204-8976

Guests on the Show:

1. Ivan Canete - Varsity Blues

2. The Banana Boys - A Hart House Theatre Production

3. Jason van Eyk - ArtsZone U of T

4. Dr. Louise Cowin - Warden of Hart House

5. Dr. David Naylor - President of the University of Toronto

Music on the Show:

Final Fantasy - Horsetail Feathers
Mother Mother - Miles
The Stills - Dinosaur
Crystal Castles - Air War
Cadence Weapon - In Search of the Youth Crew
Plants and Animals - Keep it real
Hayden - Damn this feeling

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Latin Films, ArtsZone, and Engineering Athletics

Guests on the Show:

1. Jason von Eyk - Director of ArtsZone
ArtsZone aims to shine a light on art in the university student community in Toronto. ArtsZone is currently looking for proposals and participants for the 2009 U of T Celebration of the Arts running from March 19 to April 3, 2009. If you are interested in proposing a project visit: or The due date for submissions is November 21st. A proposal workshop will be held next Friday (Nov. 7) at noon at Hart House.

2. Raul Galdez - Director of the Toronto International Latin Film Festival
The film festival showcases movies from all over the "latin" world: from Spain to South America. The film festival will be from October 31 to November 8. For more information visit:

3. Weijia Zhang - Engineering Athletics Association
Engineering has had a wide participation in sports all around campus. If you are an engineering student and want to get involved and for more information visit:

Music on the Show:

Fucked Up - Crooked Head
The Russian Futurists - Paul Simon
Mother Mother - Burning Pile
Feist - Mushaboom (Postal Service Mix)
Hexes and Ohs - Suspicion
Tokyo Police Club - Graves
Holy Fuck - bontempi latin

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Athletics, theatre, and panel discussions

Guests on the show:

1. Abby Ralph - Programmes Intern at Hart House
We spoke about two events coming up at Hart House:

Towards Reconciliation - Panel discussion today at 6 at Hart House discussing public apologies and residential schools.

US Election Night Extravaganza - Hart House will host a central location where students can watch the results of the election. There will be food, a cash bar, and a variety of interesting speakers and discussion. The event is on Nov 4th at 6pm.

For more information visit:

2. Tanisha Taitt - Director of the Vagina Monologues
We talked with Tanisha about the Vagina Monologues as away to help break the silence about violence against women and to raise money. The play will be taking place this Saturday and Sunday at the Berckman Theatre.

Buy tickets at:
Or visit for more info:

3. Nabil Tadros - Head Coach of the Varsity Tennis Team
We spoke to Nabil about the U of T's Varsity Tennis Team and the team's recent win at the OUA championships this past weekend.

4. Kirstin Shier - Captain of the Varsity Women's Field Hockey
This weekend the team will be playing in a tournament that starts tomorrow, with their first game coming up on Saturday. Come out to the Varsity Centre this weekend, the Varsity Blues will be playing at noon. For more information go to:

Music on the show:

Sunset Rubdown - Shut up I am dreaming of places where lovers have wings
Mother Mother - Body of years
Hexes and Ohs - Seems so elementary
Tanisha Taitt - Lapsed
The Composers Collective Big Band - Old milestones (Miles Davis)
Cadence Weapon - In search of the youth crew

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Nations House, Music at Hart House, and the North Korea Research Group

Guests on the Show:

1. Johnathan Hamilton-Diabo - First Nations House
The First Nations House will be hosting a panel discussion on the meaning associated with public apologies. The event will consist of some interesting discussion, stories, and information. For more information on this and other events visit:

2. Marty Kolls - Folk Singer
Marty Kolls will be performing tonight at Hart House. Visit

3. - The North Korea Research Group
The North Korea Research group attempts to take a deeper look at the country of North Korea, looking past what is reported in the media and getting to the true essence of the mysterious country. They are holding an information session this afternoon. For more information on events and their upcoming report on North Korea, visit:

Music on the Show:

Snailhouse - Dollar Signs
Mother Mother - Burning Pile
The Stills - Dinosaurs
Wolf Parade - Call it a Ritual
Marty Kolls - Decided
Tusks - Man's Best Friend

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finnish Exchange, Varsity Blues Soccer, and the NDP

Guests on the Show:

1. Olivia Chow - NDP Candidate for the Trinity/Spadina Riding
For more information on the NDP Party and Olivia Chow visit: and

2. Tim Stephenson - Hart House Finnish Exchange
The Hart House Finnish Exchange sends eight U of T students every 4 years to Finland for a cultural exchange. The this is the oldest student exchange in Canada and Finland. They are excepting applications right now until October 17th for the summer of 2009, for more information visit:

3. Anthony Capotosto - Coach of Varisty Blues Soccer Team
Come out and see the Varsity Blues soccer team play at tomorrow at Varsity Centre, it's free for students! For more information visit:

4. Nellie Perret - Counselling and Learning Skills Centre
At the Koffler Centre, the Counselling and Learning Skills Centre helps students with study skills and other support. For more information visit: and and sign up for the "academic success" community.

Music on the Show:

Michael Kaeshammer - Comes Love
Mother Mother - Wrecking Ball
Hexes & Ohs - Wildfire!
Wolf Parade - The Grey Estate
Before the Flood - bars wire and wood
Archive - Sane

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guests on the show:

1. Christine Innis - Liberal Candidate for the Trinity/Spadina riding
We spoke to Christine about the upcoming federal election and the Liberal's platform and how it affects students. For more information go to: and

2. Barbara Fischer - Director of the Jusitna M. Barnicke Gallery
We spoke to Barbara about the Sweet Dreams installation of Canadian and international artists that will be part of Hart House's exhibit in Nuit Blanche happening this weekend. For more information go to:

3. Jeffery Pinto Lono - CINSSU Free Friday Films
We spoke to Jeff about CINSSU's various movie screenings including their Free Friday films that are screened in original 35mm film at Innis Town Hall. For more information go to: or join their Facebook group.

Music on the show:

Bishop & Mulholland - Pilgrim's Missive
Hayden - More than alive
Hot Hot Heat - Outta Heart
Holy Fuck - Korock
Marty Kolls - Lost
Stars - Window Bird

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guests on the show:

1. Stephen LeFrenie - Green Party Candidate for the Trinity-Spadina riding
The Green party candidate will be the first in our series of talks with candidates from every major party in the upcoming federal election. We will be asking about issues important to students to each candidate. For more information on the Green Party visit:

2. Jason van Eke - Director of ArtsZone
ArtsZone launched in November 2007 and has recently moved into Hart House. ArtsZone aims to connect students with arts and culture around campus and in Toronto. Currently, they are working on this year's Nuit Blanche. For information on events and participating in Nuit Blanche:

3. Cheryl Champagne - Status of Women Office
The Status of Women office was estabilished at U of T in 1984 to address issues of gender equity and improve the experience of women at the university. For more information visit:

4. Karen McCrank - Centre for Community Partnerships
The Centre for Community Partnerships links students with community involvement opportunities. Come out this Saturday at 8am at Varsity Centre to get involved. For more information visit:

Music on the show:

Global Chilling - All our words gone
The Liptonians - Charlie's Back
Gravity Wave - Attila
Tricky - Far Away
Soul Stew - I'll Be Around
The Rheostatics - I Dig Music

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Student Life, Harbord St. B.I.A., Film, and Theatre

Guests on the show:

1. Deanne Fischer the Director of Student Life Programmes at U of T
ULife was started about a year ago and exists to help connect students with what is happening all over campus. Different groups on campus post events and activities; everything from a biology professor posting researcher positions to environmental groups posting about meetings. Visit for more information.

2. Neil Wright of the Harbord St. Business Improvement Area (B.I.A.)
B.I.A.s are an organized of group of businesses that tax themselves to raise funds to improve their local area. The Harbord St. B.I.A. is currently rallying their community to show their support of the Varsity Blues Football team.

3. Leslie Robertson and Andrea Wasserman, actors performing at Hart House Theatre
Come see King Lear, the latest Hart House theatre production opening October 1st. For more information go to or get tickets at

4. Rick Palidor - Programma Advisor of the Hart House Film Board
The latest Hart House Film Board contest is the "Thanks for Nothing Contest", where contestants will have 4 days to make a movie based. Anyone can enter and it's free. Deadline to enter is October 10. Check out and the the Hart House Film Board You Tube channel. The film board also hosts a variety of free and low-cost workshops covering various aspects of filmmaking. Next Wednesday they are hosting a screening party to open the year of events. It starts at 7pm with student films and food.

Music on the show:

Occhipinti - Cantu ri li schuaggiatura
The Telepathic Butterflies - Mr. Dysfunctionality
Sam Roberts - Oh Maria
Kensington Market - I would be the one
Brendan Canning - Antique Bull
Share - To Shy to Blush
Economics - he was my friend

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Athletics, the Film Board, and Hart House Events

Guests on the Show:

1. Jill Cressy and Athletics Centre Programs - Come be part of the plethora of programs and activities at the U of T Athletics Centre. Programs include everything from fencing to dance with both registered and drop-in classes. Come out to the open house week to check out programs and activities from Sept 15th - 19th. There is also a leadership program job fair today. For more information go to their websites: and as well as (leadership job fair)

2. Dagny Thompson and the Hart House Film Board - The Hart House film board provides resources and equipment for students and members who want to make films. They also host a variety of workshops that provide everything from the basics of film-making to editing and new media. For more information visit: and check out their Facebook page "Dirty Laundry".

3. Abby Ralph with HH Programmes
  • Diaspora Dialogues: emerging writers submit literary works and 4 selected writers will be paired with a famous Canadian writer for one-on-one mentorship . The deadline for submission is December 5th. All students are encouraged to apply, especially immigrants to Canada and members of first nations.
  • Public Apology Panel: a panel onOctober 23rd addressing the recent public apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the residential schools tragedy. The topics addressed by the panel will deal with apology and moving forward in the future and will includge amazing guests and speakers.
  • Hot Talks: a new program being done along with the debate club. The first one will be on Nov 4th and will cover the US elections with a panel discussion and debate. Come by to watch the results as they are announced!
4. Laney Marshall with HH Programmes
  • Five-Buck Lunches: Come out to Hart House for the ever-popular 5 dollar lunches. The lunches are open to everyone and the first one this is on Sept 24th.
  • Sunday Concerts: The first Sunday concert is this Sunday afternoon for a classical piano performance.
  • Music Program: Evert Friday check out "Jazz at Oscar's" an evening of Jazz starting at 9pm in the Arbor Room at Hart House.
  • Cider and Song: On October 18th, come for a day of singing, hiking, and homemade apple cider at the beautiful Hart House Farm.

Hart House is also recruiting energetic people to be part of Hart House in organizing programs and activities. If you are interested, contact Laney Marshall: 416-978-8400

For more information go to: or pick up the "What's On" guide at Hart House.

Music on the Show:

The Orb - a beautiful day
Fur Bearing Animals - ivy harvey shoes
Sam Roberts - Oh Maria
Metric - On the Sly
The Stills - I'm With You
The Awkward Stage - mini skirt of x-mas lights

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guests On the Show:

Karen M. - Centre for Community Partnerships- - Work study programs available at the University of Toronto
Mary Beth - Varsity athltes involved in the Olympics
Chris McDowall. - The Exhibition - Air show finale, new programming available this year
Marcos Castellanos - Destination Cuba, Che Guevera work Brigade through George Brown College

Music on the Show:

Brendan Canning - All the best wooden toys come from Germany
Hey Rosetta - Red Heart
Dinosaur Bones - Track 3 on self titled ep
Brendan Canning - Antique bull

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rest that Weary Head of Yours: Mayhem, Art & Working for a Living

Today's Show:

1. Arlene Clement from the University of Toronto Student Housing Service - we spoke about where to live for the upcoming school year, residence options, tenancy rights issues, and interesting events. If you're in need of a place this year check out:

2. Michael Rubenfeld from SummerWorks Theatre and Arts Festival - An annual festival of indie theatre and arts with music, controversial subject matter and even an art gallery! For ticket and schedule information go to:

3. Sunny Kerr from Delicious Mayhem - A great forum for art activity on campus, Art Lounge Fresh Meet, hosts an event "Delicious Mayhem" with a focus to artsy first years. Come out to experience a drawing wall, free food, and conversations with local artists. The event is at the U of T Art Centre on September 3rd. Check out: or for more info.

4. Matt Harpur, an Assistant Coordinator from Trojan One - Matt spoke about his experiences interning and the challenges and rewards of gaining career experience at a large company. Matt is currently working on Nike's Human Race that is aiming to celebrate running around the globe. Check out: or for more information.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Lottery, Orientation,

The show today:

1. Winning the Lottery - we spoke about the latest big winners of the Lotto 649 jackpot.

2. Welcome Week - we spoke with Sarah Marti about "Welcome Week", an alternative to traditional orientation week for students that don't belong to the traditional colleges such as mature students, commuters, fixed income students, and all others. Check out the website for info:

3. The New Hart House Senior Communication Director - we spoke with the new senior communications director Alexis Chapman about planning large events and Hart House.

4. The Eco-Savvy Festival - we spoke with Tommy Trinh about the Eco-Savvy festival that will be happening on Aug 16th at Mel Lastman Square. The festival is a free outdoor collection of music, information, and vendors for eco-conscious consumers. For more information go to:

Music on the show:

Tigerrr Beat - hold my hand
Astrophagus - Why I cut off my hands
Sam Roberts - Oh Maria
The Russian Futurists - Still Life
Plants and Animals - keep it real
The Awkward Stage - your heart serves only you
Dearly Beloved - Candy Coated

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beer, Architecture, and University Matters

Today on the show:

1. Rodolphe el-Khoury - U of T Architecture - We spoke with Rodolphe about the Exhibition "The Streets Belong to All of Us!". More info at: and

2. Troy Burtch - We spoke to Troy about the local craft brewing community in Canada. Troy created the popular blog the "Great Canadian Pubs and Beer" blog where he talks about beers and pubs in Canada. Check it out at:

Check out some of the local brews at the up coming Craft Beer Festival at Hart House on July 31st - check it out at

3. Leslie Mak - 1st Year Engineeering Recruitment at U of T - We spoke with Leslie about new programs to help new engineering students transition into the university environment. We also spoke about initiatives to help reward students for their extracurricular involvement. For more information go to:

4. Laney Marshall - Hart House Elections - We spoke with Laney about the renovations of the porter's desk and the upcoming elections at Hart House. For more information go to:

Music on the show:

Mattress - Pollution
Plants and Animals - Good Friend
Tokyo Police Club - Graves
Two Hours Traffic - Stuck for the Summer
Major Maker - Forty Five
Skinny Puppy - Dal

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summerlicious, Men's Varsity Volleyball, Beaches Summer Jazz Festival.

1. Explore Toronto during the summer! Dinner at the CN Tower, Tour Bus (Do you agree with the guide?) Summerlicious - Select Toronto restauraunts offer discounts to encourage torontonians to sample the city's wide selection of fine dining.

2. Ed Drakich, Men's UofT Varsity Volleyball coach. Responsible for managing the beach volleyball tournament for the summer olympics in Beijing. Beach Tournament starts on August 9th (Women's) August 10th (Men's).

3. Beaches Summer Jazz Festival. Bill King and Jessica from The Divas talk about the many differnt artists playing at the festival. Starts July 18th at 6pm at Woodbine and Lakeshore. The Young Divas will be touring across Canada starting in November. This weekend, July 19th & 20th the street scene will fetaure over 40 bands. For more info check out

Music on the show:
Bach - Sonata #2 in A minor -(allegro) Performed by Lara St. John
Sloan - Parallel Play - Champ Champagne
Hilotrons - Lovesuit
Plants and Animals - Bye Bye Bye
Jessica Lalonde - Isn't it Romantic
Sophie Berkal-Sarbit - Love For Sale
Joshephine Biundo - Bei Mir Bist du Schon

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life in the City, and Beyond...

Today on the show:

1. Tong Wang and Majid Valipour - students with the International Students' Centre. Tong (from China) and Majid (from Iran) spoke about their experiences with ISC, with Toronto and Canada, and with sports in North America (specifically softball). For more info go to:

2. Geeta Sheker - Director of Initiative for Women in Business at the Rotman School of Management. Geeta spoke about a new program called "Business Edge for Internationally Trained Women". Check out their website for more info:

3. Sophia LeFevre and Meredith Cheesbrough playwright and actors for the Fringe Festival. Sophia wrote a hilarious comedy called "Follow your Bliss" all about the paths and pitfalls of women trying to find success. For ticket, venue, and schedule information check out:

4. Nona Robinson, Dean of Students for University College at the University of Toronto. Nona discussed the Commuter Student Centre and the activities and resources available to commuting students at U of T.

Music on the show:

Plants & Animals - Lola Who?
The Acorn - Heirlooms
Hilotrons - Lost in Yichang
Gonzales - Working Together
Adam & the Amethysts - The Return
Besnard Lakes - Disaster

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sports, Performance, and Hart House.

Today on the show:

1. U of T Track and Field - Jill Clark - Kidd-Crothers Track Meet on July 8th at Varsity Stadium. UofT to host 2009 and 2010 Canadian Track and Field Championships. For more info go to:

2. Hart House and the Porter's Desk - We spoke with Jennifer Faulkner about Hart House's porter's desk undergoing a renovation. It will become a one stop shop for information at Hart House. You'll even be able to sign up for Athletics classes there. And the desk will be wheelchair accessible!

3. Best Make Out Spots on Campus - blogUT recently posted the a list of the best make out spots on campus. Check them out at their website:

4. Shakespeare's "As You Like It" on Philsopher's Walk - We spoke with Doug and Susan about taking a walk down "philospher's walk" behind Hart House. A production of Shakespeare's As You Like It will be performed at philosopher's walk on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights until August 2nd at 8pm. So bring a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy a summer evening in a beautiful green space at U of T. For more information on dates and ticket prices visit:

Music on the show:

Steve Reich - I sure hope Gabriel likes my music, when the day is done
Cuff the Duke - Surging Revival
Elephant - Colour Your Frailty
Gonzales - Let's Ride
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Let's Make Out
The Russian Futurists - The Science of the Seasons
Ghost House - Well Made World

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out on the streets in the summer

On the show today:

1. Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market - Come out on the last Sunday of the month at noon to Kensington market where they close the streets to cars and open them up to pedestrians! The idea is also spreading to other parts of Toronto and is reflected in world-wide trend in pedestrians taking back the streets. More info at: and

2. Camp U of T - Darcy spoke about the Camp U of T program that is starting this weekend. The camp is held at the U of T campus for children ages 9-16. Check out the website for more details:

3. Midsummer Night's Dream in High Park - We spoke with Richard Harte, the actor playing Demetrius, in the Canadian Stage Company's production of Shakespeares' A Midsummer Night's Dream. The play is being put on in high park in Toronto opening tonight and closing August 31st playing on Tuesdays and Sundays at 8pm. For more information go to:

Music on the Show:

Steve Reich - Fast
The Russian Futurists - Paul Simon
The Coast - Nueva York
Bil Hetherington and the Asian Tigers - Anytime, Anywhere ...
The Wet Secrets - Hot Roller
Creature - It's Over

Listen in next week!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Festivals and Events

On Today's Show:

BIG Festival - Jahon Laszlo talked about the BIG festival coming up on Bloor St. -

PRIDE Run - Sarah-Marni and Jesse talked about PRIDE week, the PRIDE run, and U of T's team for the run. If you would like to register for the run, go to: U of T's team is called the "Pace Bunnies" (they have cute t-shirts). For more information about LGTBQ events go to:

U of T's Multifaith Centre - Richard Chambers, from U of T's Multifaith Centre, spoke about the Open Mic Cafe, Hosted by Mama D. Celebrate Peace and Justice in song. 8:30pm every Thursday in June and July. Check out their website for more info at:

The Music:

The Russian Futurists - Still Life
Gonzalez - Map of the World
Bellevue - Fake Your Own Death
Creature - Pop Culture
M83 - Couleurs

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sports and the Outdoors

Here is a summary of our show:

1. Roasannagh Maclennan - Canadian Olympic Trampoline athlete - we spoke with her about the upcoming olympics in Beijing and he sport.

2. Stephen Reinhart - Hart House Farm Mid Summer's Eve Event - we spoke with him about the yearly even taking place at Hart House farm on June 21-22. It is a summer weekend of outdoor activities, sports, camping, bonfires, and even a sauna. For more information please go to the Hart House website:

3. Hockey Night in Canada theme sale and other themes in sports and music.

4. Father's Day


artist - song

Fidgital - Make Up Friends
Major Maker - Forty Five
Hot Chip - Boy from School
Human Kind - Mess of a Boy
Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating
Woodhands - Can't See Straight
M83 - We Own the Sky

See you next week!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Alexis Chapman:

New to the radio scene, Alexis has joined the Hart House team as the Senior Communications Officer. She enjoys traveling, tennis, golf, eating great meals and watching Jamie Oliver cooking shows. After living and working in London UK for two years, she returns to Toronto focused on communications and marketing within Hart House. She completed an MBA from the International University in Monaco and is already thinking about retirement plans and moving back to the French Riviera.

Nick Wood:

Nick is a chemical engineering graduate student at the University of Toronto and the sound guy on Beyond the Classroom. He sets the levels and selects the music for the show.

Darcy Brioux - Co-Host

Darcy is a U of T staff member in the Faculty of Physical Education andHealth and co-host with Beyond the Classroom for the last 3 years. Hisinterests are in sport, physical activity, the outdoors, music and photography.

Michelle Ekuban

Michelle is a student as well as a full-time staff member at U of T. This is her first experience with radio and so far it has potential to become a hobby! Future aspirations include travelling and a career in communications. In her free time, Michelle enjoys reading, eating, road-trips, physical activity and daydreaming.

Colum Grove-White - Co-Host

Colum is a 4th year student, as well as the president of the Arts and Science Students' Union at U of T. He studies international relations and peace and conflict studies, and has a knack for traveling to very controversial and taboo places. While traveling is one of Colum's passions, he also enjoys politics, music, camping, food, and trying to save the world.

Past Hosts:

Jeff Cameron:

Jeff is a recent UofT grad who is now working in Marketing and Communications at Hart House. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of "Beyond the Classroom" and is eager to try his hand at live radio. When initially approached about the show his first thought was of a sarcastic comment from his father: "Jeez Jeff, why don't you just shut up and let people guess how stupid you are!"

Erin DeCoste:

New to the radio scene, Erin is eager to contribute her growing opinions and increasingly loud voice. She likes reading literature and scanning the headlines of too many news sources while drinking coffee. With an English degree from the University of Toronto and currently working as an administrative assistant at the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, Erin is ready to kick start her career in journalism with a postgrad diploma from Humber starting in September.

Kristina Minnella:

Kristina is currently working toward completing her M.Ed in Theory and Policy Studies with a focus in Higher Education at OISE/UT. In September she’ll be stating her B.Ed at OISE/UT to become a high school history and politics teacher. “Beyond the Classroom” is her first experience with radio and she is loving every minute of it so far.