Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grad Room, Coalition Government, and Hart House Activities

Guests on the show:

1. Jeff Richardson - Programming Co-ordinator of Gradute Students
We spoke with Jeff about the new Grad Room: a place for grad students to hang out. For more information visit:

2. Jamie Biggar - Canadians for a Progressive Coalition
A grassroots and non-partisan citizen group working to build momentum and demonstrate support for a progressive coalition in Canada. For more information visit:

3. Abby Ralph - Hart House Programs Intern
We spoke with Abby about two big events: Hot Talks and the Hancock Lecture. Hot Talks is a collection of talk about a variety of interesting and thought-provoking topics. The next one is on Jan 21st at 6:30pm in the Arbor Room. For more information visit: The Hancock lecture is on February 4th at 7pm featuring Prof. Nick Bontis, get free tickets through:

4. Rick Palidor - Hart House Film Board
We spoke with Rick about the Hart House Film Board and the U of T Film Festival. The board is now accepting submissions for the festival until February 14th, 2009. The film board is also hosting a variety of workshops on various aspects of filmmaking. For more information visit: and

Music on the show:

Montag - Going Places
Patrick Watson - Luscious Life
Stars - 14 Forever
Wolf Parade - The Grey Estates
Hexes and Ohs - Looking to Fight
Major Maker - Forty-five

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