Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guests on the show:

1. Stephen LeFrenie - Green Party Candidate for the Trinity-Spadina riding
The Green party candidate will be the first in our series of talks with candidates from every major party in the upcoming federal election. We will be asking about issues important to students to each candidate. For more information on the Green Party visit:

2. Jason van Eke - Director of ArtsZone
ArtsZone launched in November 2007 and has recently moved into Hart House. ArtsZone aims to connect students with arts and culture around campus and in Toronto. Currently, they are working on this year's Nuit Blanche. For information on events and participating in Nuit Blanche:

3. Cheryl Champagne - Status of Women Office
The Status of Women office was estabilished at U of T in 1984 to address issues of gender equity and improve the experience of women at the university. For more information visit:

4. Karen McCrank - Centre for Community Partnerships
The Centre for Community Partnerships links students with community involvement opportunities. Come out this Saturday at 8am at Varsity Centre to get involved. For more information visit:

Music on the show:

Global Chilling - All our words gone
The Liptonians - Charlie's Back
Gravity Wave - Attila
Tricky - Far Away
Soul Stew - I'll Be Around
The Rheostatics - I Dig Music

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Student Life, Harbord St. B.I.A., Film, and Theatre

Guests on the show:

1. Deanne Fischer the Director of Student Life Programmes at U of T
ULife was started about a year ago and exists to help connect students with what is happening all over campus. Different groups on campus post events and activities; everything from a biology professor posting researcher positions to environmental groups posting about meetings. Visit for more information.

2. Neil Wright of the Harbord St. Business Improvement Area (B.I.A.)
B.I.A.s are an organized of group of businesses that tax themselves to raise funds to improve their local area. The Harbord St. B.I.A. is currently rallying their community to show their support of the Varsity Blues Football team.

3. Leslie Robertson and Andrea Wasserman, actors performing at Hart House Theatre
Come see King Lear, the latest Hart House theatre production opening October 1st. For more information go to or get tickets at

4. Rick Palidor - Programma Advisor of the Hart House Film Board
The latest Hart House Film Board contest is the "Thanks for Nothing Contest", where contestants will have 4 days to make a movie based. Anyone can enter and it's free. Deadline to enter is October 10. Check out and the the Hart House Film Board You Tube channel. The film board also hosts a variety of free and low-cost workshops covering various aspects of filmmaking. Next Wednesday they are hosting a screening party to open the year of events. It starts at 7pm with student films and food.

Music on the show:

Occhipinti - Cantu ri li schuaggiatura
The Telepathic Butterflies - Mr. Dysfunctionality
Sam Roberts - Oh Maria
Kensington Market - I would be the one
Brendan Canning - Antique Bull
Share - To Shy to Blush
Economics - he was my friend

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Athletics, the Film Board, and Hart House Events

Guests on the Show:

1. Jill Cressy and Athletics Centre Programs - Come be part of the plethora of programs and activities at the U of T Athletics Centre. Programs include everything from fencing to dance with both registered and drop-in classes. Come out to the open house week to check out programs and activities from Sept 15th - 19th. There is also a leadership program job fair today. For more information go to their websites: and as well as (leadership job fair)

2. Dagny Thompson and the Hart House Film Board - The Hart House film board provides resources and equipment for students and members who want to make films. They also host a variety of workshops that provide everything from the basics of film-making to editing and new media. For more information visit: and check out their Facebook page "Dirty Laundry".

3. Abby Ralph with HH Programmes
  • Diaspora Dialogues: emerging writers submit literary works and 4 selected writers will be paired with a famous Canadian writer for one-on-one mentorship . The deadline for submission is December 5th. All students are encouraged to apply, especially immigrants to Canada and members of first nations.
  • Public Apology Panel: a panel onOctober 23rd addressing the recent public apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the residential schools tragedy. The topics addressed by the panel will deal with apology and moving forward in the future and will includge amazing guests and speakers.
  • Hot Talks: a new program being done along with the debate club. The first one will be on Nov 4th and will cover the US elections with a panel discussion and debate. Come by to watch the results as they are announced!
4. Laney Marshall with HH Programmes
  • Five-Buck Lunches: Come out to Hart House for the ever-popular 5 dollar lunches. The lunches are open to everyone and the first one this is on Sept 24th.
  • Sunday Concerts: The first Sunday concert is this Sunday afternoon for a classical piano performance.
  • Music Program: Evert Friday check out "Jazz at Oscar's" an evening of Jazz starting at 9pm in the Arbor Room at Hart House.
  • Cider and Song: On October 18th, come for a day of singing, hiking, and homemade apple cider at the beautiful Hart House Farm.

Hart House is also recruiting energetic people to be part of Hart House in organizing programs and activities. If you are interested, contact Laney Marshall: 416-978-8400

For more information go to: or pick up the "What's On" guide at Hart House.

Music on the Show:

The Orb - a beautiful day
Fur Bearing Animals - ivy harvey shoes
Sam Roberts - Oh Maria
Metric - On the Sly
The Stills - I'm With You
The Awkward Stage - mini skirt of x-mas lights