Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out on the streets in the summer

On the show today:

1. Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market - Come out on the last Sunday of the month at noon to Kensington market where they close the streets to cars and open them up to pedestrians! The idea is also spreading to other parts of Toronto and is reflected in world-wide trend in pedestrians taking back the streets. More info at: and

2. Camp U of T - Darcy spoke about the Camp U of T program that is starting this weekend. The camp is held at the U of T campus for children ages 9-16. Check out the website for more details:

3. Midsummer Night's Dream in High Park - We spoke with Richard Harte, the actor playing Demetrius, in the Canadian Stage Company's production of Shakespeares' A Midsummer Night's Dream. The play is being put on in high park in Toronto opening tonight and closing August 31st playing on Tuesdays and Sundays at 8pm. For more information go to:

Music on the Show:

Steve Reich - Fast
The Russian Futurists - Paul Simon
The Coast - Nueva York
Bil Hetherington and the Asian Tigers - Anytime, Anywhere ...
The Wet Secrets - Hot Roller
Creature - It's Over

Listen in next week!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Festivals and Events

On Today's Show:

BIG Festival - Jahon Laszlo talked about the BIG festival coming up on Bloor St. -

PRIDE Run - Sarah-Marni and Jesse talked about PRIDE week, the PRIDE run, and U of T's team for the run. If you would like to register for the run, go to: U of T's team is called the "Pace Bunnies" (they have cute t-shirts). For more information about LGTBQ events go to:

U of T's Multifaith Centre - Richard Chambers, from U of T's Multifaith Centre, spoke about the Open Mic Cafe, Hosted by Mama D. Celebrate Peace and Justice in song. 8:30pm every Thursday in June and July. Check out their website for more info at:

The Music:

The Russian Futurists - Still Life
Gonzalez - Map of the World
Bellevue - Fake Your Own Death
Creature - Pop Culture
M83 - Couleurs

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sports and the Outdoors

Here is a summary of our show:

1. Roasannagh Maclennan - Canadian Olympic Trampoline athlete - we spoke with her about the upcoming olympics in Beijing and he sport.

2. Stephen Reinhart - Hart House Farm Mid Summer's Eve Event - we spoke with him about the yearly even taking place at Hart House farm on June 21-22. It is a summer weekend of outdoor activities, sports, camping, bonfires, and even a sauna. For more information please go to the Hart House website:

3. Hockey Night in Canada theme sale and other themes in sports and music.

4. Father's Day


artist - song

Fidgital - Make Up Friends
Major Maker - Forty Five
Hot Chip - Boy from School
Human Kind - Mess of a Boy
Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating
Woodhands - Can't See Straight
M83 - We Own the Sky

See you next week!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Alexis Chapman:

New to the radio scene, Alexis has joined the Hart House team as the Senior Communications Officer. She enjoys traveling, tennis, golf, eating great meals and watching Jamie Oliver cooking shows. After living and working in London UK for two years, she returns to Toronto focused on communications and marketing within Hart House. She completed an MBA from the International University in Monaco and is already thinking about retirement plans and moving back to the French Riviera.

Nick Wood:

Nick is a chemical engineering graduate student at the University of Toronto and the sound guy on Beyond the Classroom. He sets the levels and selects the music for the show.

Darcy Brioux - Co-Host

Darcy is a U of T staff member in the Faculty of Physical Education andHealth and co-host with Beyond the Classroom for the last 3 years. Hisinterests are in sport, physical activity, the outdoors, music and photography.

Michelle Ekuban

Michelle is a student as well as a full-time staff member at U of T. This is her first experience with radio and so far it has potential to become a hobby! Future aspirations include travelling and a career in communications. In her free time, Michelle enjoys reading, eating, road-trips, physical activity and daydreaming.

Colum Grove-White - Co-Host

Colum is a 4th year student, as well as the president of the Arts and Science Students' Union at U of T. He studies international relations and peace and conflict studies, and has a knack for traveling to very controversial and taboo places. While traveling is one of Colum's passions, he also enjoys politics, music, camping, food, and trying to save the world.

Past Hosts:

Jeff Cameron:

Jeff is a recent UofT grad who is now working in Marketing and Communications at Hart House. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of "Beyond the Classroom" and is eager to try his hand at live radio. When initially approached about the show his first thought was of a sarcastic comment from his father: "Jeez Jeff, why don't you just shut up and let people guess how stupid you are!"

Erin DeCoste:

New to the radio scene, Erin is eager to contribute her growing opinions and increasingly loud voice. She likes reading literature and scanning the headlines of too many news sources while drinking coffee. With an English degree from the University of Toronto and currently working as an administrative assistant at the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, Erin is ready to kick start her career in journalism with a postgrad diploma from Humber starting in September.

Kristina Minnella:

Kristina is currently working toward completing her M.Ed in Theory and Policy Studies with a focus in Higher Education at OISE/UT. In September she’ll be stating her B.Ed at OISE/UT to become a high school history and politics teacher. “Beyond the Classroom” is her first experience with radio and she is loving every minute of it so far.