Friday, July 3, 2009

Gendai Gallery, Friends For Life Bike Rally, UofT Athletic Centre Job opportunities, The Varsity Podcast Series

July 2nd, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Maiko Tanaka, Director of the Programming Committee at the Gendai Gallery & Yoshinori Niwa, Feature Artist

Leading off the program were the Gendai Gallery's Maiko Tanaka and Yoshinori Niwa, one of the artists featured in the gallery’s “the Arts of togetherness exhibition”. Maiko and Yoshinori spoke about the workshops, events and performances that together comprise the "Kite Flying with Local People" exhibit.

2. Tod Ross, Co-Chair of the Friends For Life Bike Rally

Also on the show Todd Ross came into the studio to talk about 11th annual Friends For Life Bike Rally, A Fundraising Event in which participants cycle from Toronto to Montreal over a six day period all in support of the Toronto People with Aids foundation.

3. Kay Dawkins, UofT Athletic Centre

At half past the hour Darcy interviewed Kay Dawkins from the UofT Athletic centre about the always hot topic of job opportunities for UofT students. Due to the city workers strike the Athletic centre is currently seeking students to fill Pool related positions such as lifeguards and aquatic instructors.

4. Dan Epstein, The Varsity

Rounding off this edition of Beyond the Classroom Dan Epstein, former photographer for The Varsity sat down with Kimberly to talk about the new podcast series the Varsity will be launching in Fall 2009.