Monday, November 2, 2009

The Unknown Culprits, Victor Swift, Drop Fees Coalition, Varsity Blues Womens' Lacrosse

October 29th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. The Unknown Culprits

To lead off the show members from the Toronto rock band The Unknown Culprits were in studio to perform live. The band originally hails from Kelowna, B.C. but the band is now a regular on the Toronto rock scene and recently played the Horseshoe Tavern. For upcoming show times and locations please check out their myspace page.

2. Victor Swift & Stages Open Mic Night

Next on the show Hart House Music Correspondent Q Chen sat down with Musician Victor Swift to talk about the Stages Open Mic Night, an opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents on the last Thursday of every month in the Arbor Room. Victor is an accomplished musician in his own right and we were lucky enough to have him perform live after the interview.

3. Adam Awad, Member of the Drop Fees for a Poverty Free Ontario Coalition

For our third interview Gavin spoke with Adam Awad, a member of the Drop Fees for a Poverty Free Ontario Coalition, about what's been going on around campus
leading up to their Province Wide Day of Action on November 5th. The Coalition hopes to get students to come out to Queen's Park to ask for more accessible
post-secondary education.

4. Todd Pepper, Coach of Varsity Blues Womens' Lacrosse Team

At the bottom of the hour Todd Pepper, coach of varsity blues women's' lacrosse team was in studio to talk with Darcy about the team’s recent victory over the Guelph gryphons which brought their record to an impressive 12-0.

Monday, October 26, 2009

SCC, HH Dinner Series, TYP, War Child UofT

October 22nd, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Rosie Posca, Program Manager, Athletic Centre Strength and Conditioning Centre

To lead off the show Darcy and Rosie Posca, Program Manager for the Athletic Centre's Strength and Conditioning Centre spoke about the exciting changes to the SCC and the wide arraay of open recreational opportunities for students in fitness and health.

2. Phillip Khaiat, The Hart House Dinner Series

Also on today’s show Phillip Khaiat, the Organizer behind the Hart House Dinner Series, was on the line to speak about the series and its first guest speaker Guillermo Silva-Marin General Director of the Toronto Operetta Theatre.

3. Ahmed Ahmed, The Transitional Year Programme Preservation

For our third interview on the show Gavin sat down with Ahmed Ahmed from the Transitional Year Programme Preservation Alliance to discuss the debate on campus around moving the TYP into Arts and Science at Wordsworth. The vote this week on the move was postponed after a raucous meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
Council on Monday.

4. Oriana Vaccarino, War Child U of T

At the bottom of the hour Oriana Vaccarino ,VP of War Child U of T was in studio to talk about this charitable organization which is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to war-affected children around the world.

Get Started, Athletes for Africa, Eat Local!, Varsity Blues Soccer

October 15th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Curtis Cole from the Academic Advising & Career Centre

To lead off the show Gavin and Curtis Cole from the Academic Advising & Career Centre discussed "Get Started", an early academic orientation program designed to help new students feel comfortable with their options and opportunities.

2. Adrian Bradbury, Athletes for Africa

Also on the show Adrian Bradbury was in studio to talk about the program Athletes for Africa, which earlier this year in partnership with the Steve Nash Foundation launched Football for Good, an initiative that will see academy football (soccer), leadership training and arts and cultural programming reach youth in areas affected by conflict.

3. Student Volunteers from Eat Local!

Our next guests were involved in the Eat Local event at the international students centre on Wednesday, October 21st . The event is part of Food week and aims to bring greater awareness to the University of Toronto population and the local community about the importance and benefits of eating locally grown and produced food.

4. Heidi Borgmann, Varsity Soccer

At the bottom of the hour Darcy was joined in studio by Heidi Borgmann to talk about The varsity soccer team’s upcoming matches against rivals Carleton and Ottawa. The blues hope to avenge a 1-nil defeat at the hands of Carleton last year, and are also looking forward to hosting the nationals in the month of November.

Velcrow Ripper, UTCAP, Job Shadowing, Centre for Community Partnerships

October 8th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Day Milman & Director Velcrow Ripper

To lead off the show Jeff spoke with director Velcrow Ripper about his documentary film Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action. The film is being screened at Hart House as part of the Conscious activism Documentary Festival and Day Milman was in studio to fill in all the details.

2. David Berliner & Clara Luke, University of Toronto Campus Agriculture Project

Next on the show David Berliner and Clara Luke dropped in to the Map Room to talk about the University of Toronto Campus Agriculture Project. The project is dedicated to unifying, coordinating, and developing the various agricultural and gardening initiatives on campus and just completed a busy harvest season.

3. Ron Wener, Extern Job Shadowing Program Coordinator, Uoft Career Centre

Our third guest on the show was Ron Wener from the University of Toronto’s Career Centre. Ron discussed the Career Centre's Job shadowing program which allows uoft students to xplore a career by visiting with professionals in the workplace in order to see what a typical 9-5 workday looks like.

4. Sasha Moldovan, Centre for Community Partnerships

At the bottom of the hour Gavin sat down with representatives from the Centre for Community Partnerships, which is now offering an exciting new community service program. "Serve & Learn" offers University of Toronto students unique opportunities to engage in a wide variety of meaningful service-learning placements and Sasha will be here to discuss some of these opportunities.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Classes in Athletics, Camera Club & Crafting, HH Committees, UofT Food Services

September 24th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Desmond Miller, UofT Athletic Centre

To lead off this show Desmond Miller from the Athletic centre spoke with Darcy about the wonderful array of Instructional and Recreational opportunities at the Athletic Centre and Varsity Centre in '09/'10.

2. Day Milman, Hart House Programme Coordinator & Saad Chahine, Hart House Camera Club

Our second interview on the show featured Day Milman and Saad Chahine, who spoke about the HH camera club and Craft Night respectively. The Camera club at Hart House offers classes and workshops available to the public, including two new courses in infrared and digital photography. Craft Night at Hart House is a very relaxed, friendly evening of crafting that is free and available to everyone.

3. Laney Marshall, Hart House Director of Programmes

This episode of BTC featured a double bill of Hart House Programme staff, as our next guest was Programme director Laney Marshall, who called in to the show to update us on the Hart House Standing committees call for first year reps and the ever popular 5buck lunch series

4. Jaco Lokker, Director of Food Services at U of T

To finish up the show Gavin sat down with Jaco Lokker, Director of Food Services at U of T. Gavin and Jaco spoke about the renovations to both the Robart's and the Sid Smith Cafeterias, as well as healthy food options on campus.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New UofT Student Website, Sri Lanka Panel Discussion, Ask First Campaign, Queer Events on Campus

September 17th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Deanne Fisher, Director, Office of Student Life at UofT

Our first guest on today's show was Deanne Fisher, the Director of
Student Life at the University of Toronto. Deanne spoke with Darcy about the exciting, newly launched students access website that is packed with new features and multimedia.
Check it out for yourself at:

2. Shiva Logarajah, Hart House Debates Committee

Next on the show Shiva Logarajah sat down in studio to speak with Jeff and Gavin about a panel discussion at Hart House entitled, Sri Lanka: Short Term Imperatives and Long Term Solutions. Shiva spoke about the expert panelists that will be speaking at the event and also addressed why it is so important to start a dialogue in support of a lasting peace in Sri Lanka. This free event takes place at Hart House in the Debates room on September 22nd and is open to the community.

3. Cheryl Champagne, Assault Counsellor / Educator, Counseling and Psychological Services at UofT

At half past the hour Darcy was joined on the show by regular guest Cheryl Champagne, who dropped by to inform listeners about the Counselling and Psychological Services' Ask First Campaign. Cheryl was able to address some of the myths and popular misconceptions surrounding sexual assault as well as inform listeners about resources and workshops that are available on campus.

4. Fariya Mohiuddin and Cory Scott from LGBTOUT

At the bottom of the hour on today’s show guests Fariya Mohiuddin and Cory Scott from LGBTOUT spoke with Gavin about Queer events coming up on Campus including the welcome BBQ and the Homohop taking place on Friday September 18th.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mark Lewis, Creative Classes, Grad Professional Skills Program, The Varsity

September 10th, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Christopher Regimbal, Curatorial Assistant at The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

To lead off the show Christopher Regimbal was in studio to talk about Mark Lewis’ In a city exhibition which just opened on Tuesday at the JMB Gallery. Featuring the North American premiere of the critically acclaimed trilogy Cold Morning, the three new works were originally commissioned by the JMB Gallery and co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada, for Mark Lewis’s presentation as the official Canadian representative at the Venice Biennale (53rd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia), the world’s oldest and most prestigious Biennale of contemporary art.

2. Evelyn Wiseman, Coordinator for the creative classes at Hart House

Also on the show Evelyn Wiseman dropped by to discuss the exciting new creative classes which are being offered through Hart House. Registration is now open for classes like THE ART OF BEING PROFESSIONAL IN ANY CAREER and IMPROVISATION: The art of Spontaneity Under Control, just to name a few.

3. Jeff Richardson, Programming Coordinator at Grad Room

Continuing with the theme of classes Jeff Richardson from Grad Room was on the show to give us an update on the Graduate Professional Skills Program, which provides grad students with a chance to hone their skills before entering the workforce.

4. Hilary Barlow, Director of Recruitment and Training for
The Varsity

At the bottom of the hour Hilary Barlow, Director of Recruitment and Training for The Varsity, spoke with Gavin about opportunities for student involvement at the paper.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Varsity Blues Football, Jerry Springer - The Opera, Student Jobs, Dis-Orientation

September 3rd, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Greg Delaval - Head Coach, Varsity Blues Football Team

To lead off the show Darcy spoke with Greg Delaval, Head coach of the varsity blues football team about the Blues’ big labour day home opener vs Laurier. The team is looking to build off of last season's successes and Greg is optimistic about the 09'/10' season.

2. Andrea Wasserman, Marketing Coordinator for the Performing Arts at Hart House
Gregory Finney, Actor

Also on the show Andrea Wasserman and actor Gregory Finney were in studio to talk about Hart House’s remount of Jerry Springer – The Opera. The 08'/09' show received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, so much so that the Theatre has decided to allow audiences the opportunity to be offended all over again in 09'/10'.

3. Alison Canning, Assistant Pool Manager, Athletic Centre

This summer was a tough one for students looking for work, luckily guest Alison Canninng has the inside track on the literally hundreds of jobs available in the faculty of physical health and education for UofT students which she was able to share with us on the show.

4. Hadia Khan, UTSU VP

At the bottom of the hour we introduced our new co-host on the show, ASSU president Gavin Nowlan. Gavin is following in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessor and former beyond the classroom co-host Colum Grove White, and he sat down with UTSU VP Hadia Khan to talk about the Dis-orientation events that they have planned for next week.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I Heart Hart House, UofT Athletics 09/10, Clubs Day 2009

August 27th, 2009

1. Day Milman, Hart House Programme Coordinator

Day led off the show by describing the exciting new art installation of a neon heart over the main entrance to Hart House. I Heart HH is an exciting, new installation on the exterior of Hart House in the form of a luminous, glowing heart. A beacon, a warm welcome, and a big hug, the project is a friendly invitation to new and returning students, visitors, and all members of the community, to come on in!

2. Ivan Canete, Events, Promotions and Sports Information at University of Toronto

Darcy and Ivan spoke about the numerous exciting Varsity activities taking place in 09/10 at UofT. Whether you are looking to try out for a team, catch a game, or looking for part time work there is something for everyone at the Athletic Centre.

3. Gavin Nowlan, ASSU President

the final guest of the day was ASSU President Gavin Nowlan, who spoke to Kimberley about the upcoming UofT Clubs day on September 4th. There are a record number of course unions participating in this years event and clubs day is the best opportunity of the year for students interested in extra curricular activities to check out all the University to offer.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gendai Gallery, Friends For Life Bike Rally, UofT Athletic Centre Job opportunities, The Varsity Podcast Series

July 2nd, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Maiko Tanaka, Director of the Programming Committee at the Gendai Gallery & Yoshinori Niwa, Feature Artist

Leading off the program were the Gendai Gallery's Maiko Tanaka and Yoshinori Niwa, one of the artists featured in the gallery’s “the Arts of togetherness exhibition”. Maiko and Yoshinori spoke about the workshops, events and performances that together comprise the "Kite Flying with Local People" exhibit.

2. Tod Ross, Co-Chair of the Friends For Life Bike Rally

Also on the show Todd Ross came into the studio to talk about 11th annual Friends For Life Bike Rally, A Fundraising Event in which participants cycle from Toronto to Montreal over a six day period all in support of the Toronto People with Aids foundation.

3. Kay Dawkins, UofT Athletic Centre

At half past the hour Darcy interviewed Kay Dawkins from the UofT Athletic centre about the always hot topic of job opportunities for UofT students. Due to the city workers strike the Athletic centre is currently seeking students to fill Pool related positions such as lifeguards and aquatic instructors.

4. Dan Epstein, The Varsity

Rounding off this edition of Beyond the Classroom Dan Epstein, former photographer for The Varsity sat down with Kimberly to talk about the new podcast series the Varsity will be launching in Fall 2009.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Track-and-Field Championships, Romeo & Juliet, Academic Success Centre, UofT Swing Club

June 25th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Mary Beth Challoner, Promotions Manager for the Varsity Blues

Leading off today's show was Mary Beth Challoner, who spoke to us live from a Press Conference on Bloor. Varsity Stadium is the site for the 2009 Canandian Track and Field Championships and the Varsity Blues are well represented with five athletes competing. Mary Beth spoke about these athletes and their involvement as well as how important it was for UofT to host this significant event.

2. Andrea Wasserman, Director of Canopy Theatre's Romeo and Juliet & Amy Connolly who plays Lady Capulet in the same production.

Also on today’s show we interviewed Amy Connolly, who will be playing Lady Capulet in the upcoming Canopy theatre production of Romeo & Juliet and also the play's director, Hart House’s own Andrea Wasserman. Andrea and Amy discussed some of the dynamics involved with putting on possibly the world’s most famous love story.

3. Andrea Graham, Learning Skills Counsellor at the Academic Success Centre

At half past the hour Darcy spoke with Andrea Graham, a Learning Skills Counsellor from the Academic Success Centre. Andrea explained how councellors work with students to help them develop the skills, strategies and competencies that lead to success in their studies.

4. UofT Swing Club Members

Our final guests on this week's show were two members from UofT's Swing Club. They spoke with Kimberly about the music involved with Swing dance, as well as the merits of Swing as a fun, social and aerobic activity available on campus.

Language Norms & Identities In Contemporary Canada, Venice Biennale Recap, Camp Uoft

June 18th, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Professor Carol Percy, Department of English at the University of Toronto

Our first guest of the hour was Carol Percy from the Department of English at the University of Toronto. Carol is one of the organizers of the discussion series “Language Norms & Identities In Contemporary Canada” which took place June 22nd - June 24th.

2. Christopher Regimbal, Curatorial Assistant at The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Next on the show we spoke to Christopher Regimbal, a curatiorial assistant at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery. Christopher just recently returned from the Canadian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale and he spoke about some of the highlights of his experience. He also spoke briefly about Noise Ghost; the current exhibition at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery.

3. Mike Cordingley, Camp UofT

Our last guest on the program was Mike Cordingley, a director at Camp Uoft. Mike attended the Festival of Excellence at Varsity Stadium and he spoke about what it was like to witness Usain Bolt run the 100 metre dash. As a director at Camp Uoft Mike also was able to elaborate on the wide array of programming available they offer and what it is about Camp UofT that sets it apart from other city camps.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Canopy Theatre, HH Chess Club, Pride

June 11th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Doug Floyd, General Manager of the Hart House Theathre and Co-Founder and Executive Producer of the Canopy Theatre Company

To kick off the show Alexis sat down with regular guest Doug Floyd, General Manager of the Hart House Theatre and Co-Founder and Executive Producer of the Canopy Theatre Company. Doug spoke about this summer’s Canopy theatre production of Romeo and Juliet, and the unique challenges and opportunities that are involved in performing outdoors on Philosopher’s walk.

2. Alex Ferreira & Robert Roller of the Hart House Chess Club

Next on the show Jeff interviewed Alex Ferreira & Robert Roller of the Hart House Chess Club about the game of chess, the clubs history at Hart House and the upcoming Hart House Open event. The Hart House Summer Open takes place in the first week of July and is open to the general public for registration.

3. Jesse Langille, UofT Pride Coordinator

At the bottom of the hour UofT Pride Coordinator Jesse Langille joined us in studio to talk about the Pride festivities that are planned for later on this month and how listeners can become involved in LGTBQ activities on campus.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Festival of Excellence, Permiso, LGTBQ, Flat Fees

June 4th, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Carl Georgevski, Varsity Blues Track & Field Head Coach

The lead guest on this edition of Beyond the Classroom was Varsity Blues Track & Field Head Coach Carl Georgevski. Carl spoke about the upcoming Festival of Excellence which will be held at the newly renovated Varsity stadium where Usain Bolt and other Olympic track and field athletes will compete.

2. Ronna Bloom, University of Toronto's Poet in Community

Also on the show we featured Ronna Bloom, the Poet in Community for Hart House and other U of T deptartments who performed a selection of readings from her recently released book Permiso.

3. Jude Tate, Coordinator of LGBTQ Resources and Programs at the University of Toronto

At half past the hour Darcy was joined by Jude Tate, Coordinator of LGBTQ Resources and Programs at the University of Toronto. Jude informed us about LGBTQ alumni events and how alumni can get involved with the organization beyond monetary donations. Jude also touched on the planning for the upcoming school year's queer orientation and where one can go for more information.

4. Gavin Nowlan, ASSU President

For the show's final interview Kimberly Stemshorn sat down with ASSU President Gavin Nowlan. Gavin spoke about the recent final passing vote on Flat Fees and how this vote will affect students in the fall 2009 school year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bike Month Breakfast, Ferno House, Oztrekk, The Strand

May 28th, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Lynsay Henderson, Hart House Membership Services Coordinator

Leading off the show Alexis Chapman sat down with Lyndsay Henderson from The Hub at Hart House and spoke about the Bike Month Breakfast event on June 3rd. All are welcome to attend this free event that will feature breakfast nibbles and coffee, as well as a performance by the band The Wanted.

2. Arnaud Brassard and Spencer Gordon from Ferno House

Next on the show Jeff interviewed Arnaud Brassard and Spencer Gordon from Ferno House, a brand new publishing house that launched their debut release: For Crying Out Loud on Friday May 29th at Hart House. Arnaud went in to detail about the labor intensive production methods he employed to produce the finely crafted anthology and Spencer described how the project began.

3. Beth Mcnally, Co-founder of Oztrekk
At Half past the hour Beth Mcnally will joined us by phone to talk about Oztrekk, a Canadian company that connects Canadian graduates with grad school opportunites in Australia. Oztrekk hosts and annual fair at Hart House to answer common questions that students have regarding Grad opportunities overseas.

4. Sean MacKay, Editor of The Strand

At the bottom of the hour Kimberly Stemshorn spoke with Sean Mackay, editor of the Victoria College Newspaper, The Strand. Sean informed listeners of the direction the Strand is taking in the upcoming school year and how students can get involved with the paper.

Friday, May 22, 2009

HH Space Booking, UofT Garden Plots, Lit City

May 21st, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Mahvish Ashraf, Conference & Meeting Services Coordinator at Hart House

At the top of the hour Alexis spoke with Mahvish Ashraf, Conference & Meeting Services Coordinator at Hart House, about some of the beautiful spaces at hart house which are both accessible to the public and available for event bookings.

2. Joel Loughead – Hart House Farm Committee

Hart House Farm committee member Joel Loughead spoke about the expanding garden plots at the farm and on campus. The plots are part of the University of Toronto Campus Agriculture Project, which aims to provide the University community with healthy food and activities, research opportunities, and establish the University as a model for urban sustainability.

3. Day Millman - Coordinator, Programme and Outreach at Hart House

Day spoke about the upcoming event Doors Open Toronto, a city wide event that Hart House is participating in on May 23rd & 24th. The theme for this year is "Lit City", as the weekend will include readings, tours and programming from authors that have used Toronto as a setting in their work.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tamil Protests, Emmanuel Jal, New U 2009, John Tayles

May 14th, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Siva Vimal

Siva joined us by phone to talk about the Tamil demonstrations that have recently been taking place at Queen's Park and throughout Toronto. Siva outlined the dire situation of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and spoke about his involvement in the demonstrations.

2. Emmanuel Jal

In keeping with the theme of civil war and its repercussions we aired an interview that Alexis Chapman conducted with Emmanuel Jal, a former sudanese war child. Emmanuel explained his intent to spread a message of peace through his hip hop lyrics, and also touched upon a book he recently released about his story.

3. Jonathan Asmis, Chair of the New U Conference 2009

Jonathan spoke about the upcoming New U Conference 2009 to be held at Victoria college on the St. George Campus. This is an exciting opportunity for UofT student leaders to come together, network and develop new skills.

4. John Tayles, Toronto Singer Songwriter

John Tayles is a musician who performed live Beyond the Classroom earlier in the year. We featured two songs off his debut album, Thoughts out Loud, which he was able to produce after winning and international songwriting competition on John's music was a perfect way to end the show and lead into the May long weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Grad Escapes, Grad Professional Skills Program, South-South: Interruptions and Encounters, Status of Women Office

May 7th, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Estelle Olivia, Grad Escapes

In 2003, the GSU and Student Life Programs created Grad Escapes, a program of social, cultural, and recreational events designed for busy graduate students. The program has since grown to be extremely successful, selling out the entire 2008 lineup of events. Estelle Olivia spoke about what programming current UofT Grad students can look forward to this summer and how important it is to take a break from the lab or library and explore Toronto's rich cultural scene.

2. Jeff Richardson, Grad Room Programming Coordinator

The Graduate Professional Skills program (GPS) is a new initiative from the School of Graduate Studies that consists of a variety of offerings providing doctoral stream students with a range of optional opportunities for skills development. Jeff Richardson, a former host of Beyond the Classroom who is now the Programming coordinator for Grad Room discussed how GPS can help Grads acquire skills beyond those conventionally learned within disciplinary programs.

3. Tejpal Ajji, Adjunct Curator of Outreach at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Tejpal is the co-curator, along with Jon Soske, of the current exhibit South-South: Interruptions & Encounters, which stages an unprecedented intervention by bringing together eight artists whose work is situated at an intersection of African and South Asian history, politics, or culture. Tejpal spoke about the nature of his role as a curator and the inspiration behind bringing South-South to the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery.

4. Cheryl Champagne, Assistant Status of Women Officer at the University of Toronto

Cheryl joined us in studio to talk about the methods and resources available to women at UofT to help prevent sexual assault. Assault Counsellors offer services to students who are in crisis as a result of verbal, physical, and/or sexual assault and other forms of abuse or violence. These services include crisis counselling; psychotherapy for individuals, partners, families and groups; education and training; consultation and referral.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Voice & Energy, HH Aquatics, The Venice Apprentice candidates

April 30th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Jill Cressy, Assistant Program Manager Fitness, Dance, Martial Arts & Sport -Faculty of Physical Education & Health

Jill spoke about summer fitness and the work she does on energy and vocalization.

2. Alex Vickers, Hart House Pool Manager

Alex shared his knowledge of the activites of the Underwater Club. He spoke about the summer dive season and spring programme session, with an emphasis on aquatics.
More Info:

3. The Venice Apprentice Candidates:

Jennifer Davis, a second-year graduate student in the Architecture Program, with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture;

Cristina Fogale, an Italian Studies graduate student with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from the University of British Columbia;

Valentine Moreno, a first-year student in the Master of Museum Studies Programme, who has worked in the fields of photography and arts management;

Charlotte Rodon, a French exchange student in the Art and Art History Programme, who holds an undergraduate degree in graphic design from France; and

John Rubino, a second-year student in the Master of Museum Studies Programme, with a background in interior design and art direction for film. *Not able to make the show.

One of the five finalists will be selected to accompany Commissioner Barbara Fischer and Deputy Commissioner Natalie De Vito to the 53rd Venice Biennale. The Apprentice will travel courtesy of Aeroplan and the JMB Gallery, and will work closely with Gallery staff to assist with preparations for the Canada Pavilion during installation leading up to the Biennale’s prestigious Vernissage, the first week of June. The apprentices each spoke about their experience at the JMB Gallery thus far, and what being involved with the Venice Biennale has meant to them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Public Water Initiative, Summer Film Workshops, Recession Proof Bride, Hart House Theatre 09/10 Season

April 23rd, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Karen Cao, Public Water Initiative

1 in 3 Canadians drink it exclusively for their daily water consumption, falsely believing it to be "cleaner" "healthier" and "safer" than tap water. Aggressive marketing by private bottled water manufacturers and the failure of our public institutions to uphold our water infrastructure and educate residents has led to this trend, yet NO evidence suggests that bottled water is safer, cleaner or healthier than tap water; on the contrary, evidence suggests the complete opposite - including grave
environmental, health, economic and social consequences.

2. Rick Palidwor, Director of the UofT Film Festival

Rick spoke about Practical filmmaking workshops where students will engage in one or more hands-on shooting and editing exercises each day, expertly guided and designed to impart the most fundamental skills needed to make a movie: techniques of pictorial continuity, finding the best frame, and simple sound solutions. Students can leave the workshop with 3 completed shooting exercises in hand and the exercises can be easily replicated.

3. Stephanie Kern- Event Manager at Hart House

Hart House, in partnership with the hit reality T.V show Rich Bride, Poor Bride is pleased to announce Recession Proof Bride, a wedding workshop to educate the bride-to-be and share expert advice on how to cut costs without cutting corners. With the economic recession upon us, many brides are wondering how to create the perfect wedding with less or simply where to spend and where to skip. On May 9, 2009, the experts at Hart House, along with Angelique Sobschak of Rich Bride, Poor Bride, will host a one-day workshop to share their knowledge and help brides learn how to make their day possible, despite economic hardships.

For full workshop details and schedule please visit:

4. Andrea Wasserman, Marketing Coordinator for the Performing Arts at Hart House

Andrea spoke about the successes of the 08/09 Hart House Theatre season and how they intend to build on them in 09/10. For more information please visit

Friday, April 17, 2009

Slow Food Toronto, Ride for Rafiki, Final Exam Study Tips

April 16th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Paul de Campo, Chair of Slow Food Toronto
Paul spoke about the global and local initiatives of the organization Slow Food as well as the 'Do it SLOW' Banchetto at Hart House on May 1st. Sponsored by Slow Food Toronto, the event will begin with a reception hosted by Chef Jamie Kennedy that will include Canadian Raw Milk Cheeses and Ontario Wines. The dinner portion of the evening will consist of four courses prepared by top local chefs who are active members in the Slow Food community. This feast will serve to showcase the collection of Slow Food Canada individuals who are committed to supporting structures amongst producers, food communities and food activists, as well as promoting the principals of Good, Clean and Fair food for everyone.

2. Catherine Mulvale
Catherine spoke about a number of charitable organization and events that she is involved in, including the Ride For Rafiki which takes place on April 19th.

3. Nellie Perret
Nellie Perret of the Counselling and and Learning Skills Service at UofT gave expert advice to students studying for last minute exams and papers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Flat Fees, 'Do it Slow' Banchetto, Varsity Blues & Summer Jobs

April 9, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Colum Grove-White
Beyond the Classroom’s own Colum Grove White spoke about flat fee tuition.
The Faculty of Arts & Science is considering a change to how tuition fees are levied at the University of Toronto - St. George campus. The change would be that instead of paying for school on a per course basis it would be as a flat fee for your program.

2. Arlene Stein – H.H Events and Catering
Arlene spoke to us about the ‘Do it Slow’ Banchetto at Hart House - A Convivial Dinner with Canada’s Slow Food Leaders and Slow Food International Founder and President Carlo Petrini. Sponsored by Slow Food Toronto, the event will begin with a reception hosted by Chef Jamie Kennedy that will include Canadian Raw Milk Cheeses and Ontario Wines.
The dinner will take place on May 1st.
Tickets available at UofTtix Box Office (416) 978-8849

3. Mary Beth Challoner- Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Mary Beth talked about the highlights of this years Varsity Blues season.
For more information please visit:

4. Glen Matadeen- Career Centre
Glenn spoke to Jeff about finding a summer job and the resources available at the Career Centre. Glen shared his thoughts on resume techniques and the pros and cons of online social networks such as Facebook.

Music on the Show:
Hey Ocean-Too Soon
Hey Ocean-Humaita
Junior Boys-Bits and Pieces
Young Rival-Too Hip
Starsailor-Boy in Waiting
Smokekiller-Out There
Hey Ocean-A Song About California

Monday, April 6, 2009

HH Review, Think Pink! & the New What's on Guide

April 2, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Macy Siu – H.H Literary and Library Committee
Macy from the Hart House Lit and Lib Committee spoke to us about the much anticipated Hart House Review being launched on April 14th. The magazine features selected works of fiction, poetry, photography and art by Hart House members, and is published annually. The launch event will take place at 7:30 PM in the Debates Room and will showcase an art exhibition and readings.
For more information please visit:

2. Athena Lamb – Positive Space Committee
Athena talked about the last 5 Buck lunch of the semester being hosted by Positive Space. The theme for the lunch is “Think Pink-Positive Stances for Sexual Diversity!” and will feature menu items such as Asian Noodle Salad with Salmon, Red Vegetarian Bean Chili and Pink Cupcakes.
For more information please visit:

4. Karen Anderson – HH Athletics
Karen from HH Athletics came by to speak about the Spring What’s on Guide. She discussed many of the different activities and classes being offered this Spring.
For more information or to view the Spring Guide please visit:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dance at UofT, Art in Venice, Jazz in the Arbor Room & Maple Syrup at the HH Farm

March 26, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Carol Mustacho – Former Director of the UofT Festival of Dance

Carol came by Beyond the Classroom to discuss the UofT Festival of Dance and how it began 14 years ago. The two evening Festival is an annual event uniting all three UofT Campuses, highlighting dance styles from around the world.
For more information please visit:

2. Christopher Reginbal- JMB Gallery
Christopher spoke to us about the upcoming Venice Biennale, and the involvement of JMB. The Venice Biennale is the world’s oldest and most exciting venue for the international display of contemporary art, receiving over 300,000 visitors from around the world and offering participating institutions the highest profile of all international art events.
For more information please visit:

3. Brent Pym- U of T Student & Jazz Musician
Brent spoke about his Jazz performance, Uniform Convergence, taking place on April 2 at 1:00 PM in the Arbor Room, as part of the UofT Arts Festival. The performance will explore some of the fascinating connections between music and modern mathematics.
For more information please visit:

4. Eva Modlinska- Student Secretary, Hart House Farm Committee
A day of making maple syrup and feasting on all the pancakes you can eat! Eva shared the details of Sugaring Off, a day of family fun at the Hart House Farm. As part of the excursion, you will have the opportunity to join a walking tour of the property, try a wood-fired sauna, feast on a pancake dinner and enjoy musical entertainment.
For more information please visit:

Music on the Show:
Cancel Winter- The Silence
Jenn Grant- Blue Mountains
MSTRKRFT- It Ain’t Love (ft. Lil Mo)
K’naan- ABCs (ft. Chubb Rock)
Jazz Ensemble (Brent Pym and co.)- Free to Be
Winter Gloves- Let me Drive
Constantines- Trans. Canada

Monday, March 23, 2009

High Jump, Spring, Voting, Persian New Year & Multi Faith Centre Event

March 19th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Guest: Sarah Boyle – Track and Field Gold Medalist
Sarah spoke to us about the gold medal that she earned at the 2008/09 CIS Track and Field Championship at the University of Windsor the weekend of March 12-14. In addition to her High Jump achievements, Sarah also spoke about finding balance between her academic and athletic pursuits.
For more information please visit:

2. Guest: Day Milman- Hart House Programmes
Day talked about Spring Wake Up, a Hart House event taking place March 21st. The day will be filled with workshops for the whole family including: Operation Sock Monkey’s Annual Sock-monk-a-thon, Making recyclable pots and planting seeds to take home, learning to knit with Street Knits, plus Independent crafters showcasing their creations.
For more information please visit:

3. Guest: Laney Marshall - Hart House Programmes
Laney spoke about the upcoming 2009-2010 Hart House Student Leader Elections. Vote for students who will help guide Hart House & its student programmes and services. POLLING STATIONS: March 24 & 25 2009St. George: Hart House HUB 8AM - 9PMMississauga: Student Centre 11AM - 2PMScarborough: Student Affairs Office 11AM - 2PM

4. Guest: Azadeh Hatami – Iranian Association at UofT
Azadeh spoke about the association’s Nowrooz celebration taking place at Hart House on March 25th. The event will feature music performances by Chakavak ensemble and Shiraz ensemble, dance performances choreographed by Ida Meftahi, storytelling from Masnavi of Molavi by Ariel Balevi, as well as Hart House’s famous 5-Bucks Lunch Program.
For more information please visit:

5. Guest: Richard Chambers – Multi Faith Centre
Richard spoke about an event being hosted by the University of Toronto Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association and the Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study and Practice. Taking place the evening after this interview, Global Economic Meltdown: A Secular & Religious Response took place, discussing various issues, such as; what are people of faith saying about the state of the global economy and the way forward? Does religion have anything to offer?
For more information please visit:

Music on the Show:
Julie Doiron – Spill yer Lungs
Josh Reichmann Oracle Band– Spirits don’t Leave
The Handsome Furs – Evangeline
Swan Lake – Peace
Junior Boys – Bits & Pieces
Great Lake Swimmers – Everything is Moving so Fast

Thursday, March 12, 2009

North Korean Research Group, International Relations Conference, Fair Trade Fair & Edgecodes

Guests on the Show

1. Guest: Michael Motala- Communications Officer for the North Korean Research Group
Michael spoke about several upcoming events being presented by the Research Group. The first being Beyond Missiles and Nukes: The Humanitarian and Human Rights Crisis in North Korea taking place today (March 12) with guest speaker L. Gordon Flake. The second event will be held on March 16th and is titled Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World's Most Repressive Country with guest speaker Mike Kim.
For more information please visit:

2. Guest: Gabe De Roche – Co- president, International Relations Society
Gabe came by to speak about the International Relations Society and their upcoming conference, The Path to Peace in Afghanistan. The conference will take place on March 13th and 14th and will feature the former Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Arif Lalani, as the keynote speaker.
For more information please visit:

3. Guest: Emily Doukogiannis – Programme Coordinator at Hart House
Emily spoke to us about the HH Social Justice Committee and their upcoming Fair Trade Fair on March 18th as well as the '09/'10 Hart House Committees Student Applications, due March 20th.
For more information please visit:

4. Rick Palidwor interviewing Alex Shuper – Film Director & Editor
Rick spoke to Alex about his film Edgecodes. This in-depth look at the history of film editing gathers the opinions of a wide range of academics, critics, directors and editors, including Michael Ondaatje, Norman Jewison, George Lucas and Thelma Schoonmaker.
The film will be screened tonight at 8:30 PM as part of the 8th Annual U of T Film Festival.
For more information please visit:

Music on the Show:

Gentlemen Reg- Coastline
P.S. I Love You- 2012
Magic Jordan- Running for our Lives
Jenn Grant- Sailing by Silver ships
dd/mm/yyyy- No Life
Julie Doiron- Blue

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arcadia, Emerging Writers & UTSU Presidential Candidates

Guests on the Show:

1. Guests: Clara Pasieka & Anna Wiesen – Cast members of Arcadia
Clara and Anna came by to talk about their upcoming roles in Hart House Theatre’s latest production, Arcadia. They gave us a brief plot outline and shared some of the on-set challenges such as dancing a waltz on the slanted stage.
For more information please visit:

2. Guests: Helen Walsh – Founder of Diaspora Dialogues & Annette Gagliano – Emerging UofT writer
Helen shared the history and importance of her organization, Diaspora Dialogues and its link to Hart House and the UofT community. Annette joined Helen in studio, as one of four UofT writers selected by the Diaspora Dialogues to be mentored by a critically acclaimed author. Tonight in the Arbor room, Hart House and the Diaspora Dialogues present Cross Sections, an event to enjoy the words, images and sounds from emerging talents like Annette.
For more information please visit:

3. Guest: Jason Marin – UTSU Presidential Candidate
In preparation for the upcoming UTSU elections, Jason spoke about his slate’s platform and what it brings to the UofT student body. Voting takes place March 10, 11 and 12.
For more information please visit:

4. Guest: Sandy Hudson – UTSU Incumbent & Presidential Candidate
In preparation for the upcoming UTSU elections, Sandy also spoke about her slate’s platform and what it brings to the UofT student body. Voting takes place March 10, 11 and 12.
For more information please visit:

Music on the Show:
Rah Rah-Betrayal pt. 1
Julie Doiron-Je le Savais
Andre Ethier-The Only Wine I Crave
Gentlemen Reg- Coastline
dd/mm/yyyy- Bronte Age

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Writer in Residence, 1-act plays, Steel drums and a bronze medal

Guests on the Show:

1. Guest: Ronna Bloom – Poet, Teacher and Psychotherapist
Hart House writer in residence Ronna Bloom came by to speak about her involvement at UofT. She is charged with the unique task of using poetry as a tool to address the needs, interests and passions of students and staff. Ronna also conducts writing workshops at Hart House.
For more information visit: or

2. Guest: Doug Floyd – UofT Drama Festival
Doug spoke about the upcoming U of T Drama Coalition’s 17th Annual Drama Festival taking place February 26-28, 2009. Throughout the three day event, eight one-act plays will compete for five coveted awards.
For more information visit:

3. Guest: Jeremy Ledbetter – Musician, Composer and Leader of Cane Fire
Jeremy Ledbetter, member of the musical group Cane Fire sat down to talk about their upcoming performance as part of Stages in the Arbor Room at Hart House. Cane Fire is a high-energy Caribbean music experience that features the steelpan (steel drum) and combines Trinidadian calypso with Latin rhythms, jazz, and blues to create a unique sound.
For more information visit:

4. Guest: Byron Macdonald – Varsity Swim Coach
One of Canada’s most decorated university coaches, MacDonald has coached over 200 swimmers to all-Canadian status and over 50 swimmers to international teams. Today he spoke about the successful results of the Nationals, where the UofT swim team won bronze, their highest ranking this season.

Music on the Show:
Jenn Grant- Heartbreaker
Final Fantasy- Crush Love Crush
dd/mm/yyyy- Imagine
Cane Fire - Kasio Blue
Hank- Distraction

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Director of Dishonour Defied, Eco Friendly Soiree, and War Child

Thursday February 19th 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Guest: Azra Rashid – Film Director
Azra, the director and co-writer of the documentary Dishonour Defied came by CIUT to discuss her film. The work revolves around the story of Mukhtar Mai, a woman who was gang raped in a remote village in Pakistan five years ago. Mukhtar Mai defied the conventional thinking and fought against a discriminatory system in which tribal leaders decide a woman's fate. Instead she decided to take her battle to the highest courts in Pakistan and fight for justice. Mukhtar Mai became an international figure in the struggle for women's rights. Dishonour Defied is the story of how Mukhtar Mai made a life with courage after the tragedy that befell her. It's also the story of other women and girls struggling for their rights in Pakistan in the wake of the Mai case.

Azra traveled to Pakistan to interview Mukhtar and shared with us her experiences during this emotional journey. The film will be featured at the 8th Annual U of T Film Festival in March.
For more information please visit:

2. Guest: Tommy – ecoSuave 2009
Tommy spoke about the upcoming event ecoSuave taking place on February 21st. The evening is a green affair for young professionals interested in minimizing their environmental footprint. Together in one setting, guests will have the opportunity to sample delicious wines, beers, and finger foods that have been produced right in our backyard.
For more information please visit:

3. Guest: Emmanuel Jal - Former child solider, author and hip hop artist
We aired an excerpt from an interview with Emmanuel Jal who had a remarkable story to tell. In the mid 1980s during Sudan’s civil war, Emmanuel was separated from his mother and after learning of her death he was conscripted into the Christian Sudanese Liberation army as one of 10,000 child soldiers. He was seven years old. Today he shares his story in his memoir War Child with the hope of bringing peace to his homeland. He is also pursuing a successful music career performing with the likes of Moby, Bono and Peter Gabriel.
For more information please visit:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Canadian Roots, Valentine's Ball, Live Music & Multi-Faith Events

Guests on the Show:

1. Ronan and Ian -Canadian Roots Aboriginal Exchange Program and Right2Speak
Ronan and Ian spoke to us about their organizations and their unique and exciting events.
In partnership with Operation Groundswell, Ronan and Ian plan excursions to learn about and experience Aboriginal Canadian Culture.
For more info visit:

2. Guest: Kathryn Tang – Director for SKULE
Kathryn spoke today about the valentine’s Ball happening Friday, February 13 - 8pm in the Hart House Great Hall. The event will feature dance lessons, hor d’oeuvres, licensed bar, professional photographer and a 50 member live orchestra.
For more info visit:

3. Guest: John Tayles - Musician
John Tayles, singer/songwriter from Mississauga, came by to talk about his CD release party tonight and the journey he has taken since winning an international songwriting competition in November 2007. John performed his song “Take me home with you” live in studio.
For more info visit:

4. Guest: Emma Burns and Ali Shaikh- From the Multi-Faith Centre
Emma and Ali spoke about upcoming events at the Multi-Faith Centre including From Charity to Justice happening February 28, 2009. They also shared their personal experiences with us, how they discovered the Centre, and what it has to offer UofT students of all faiths and backgrounds.
For more info visit:

Music on the Show:
Jenn Grant- Heartbreaker
Jenn Grant- Only Love can Break your Heart
Bruce Peninsula- Steamroller
Bruce Peninsula- Weave Myself a Dress
John Tayles- Get it Right
The Assistants- Fiction
Jenn Grant- You'll go Far
Pacifika- Sweet

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Poems that don't Suck, Photography, Music & Political Films

Guests on the Show:

1. Billeh Nickerson – Poet & Performer
Billeh Nickerson shared some of his poetry writing tips with us and spoke about his upcoming workshop at Hart House, How to Write a Valentine's Love Poem That Doesn't Suck. The event is happening on February 13th from 1 PM to 2:30 PM.
For more information visit:

2. Day Millman & Hannah Fleisher – Program Advisor and Exhibition Coordinator of Hart House Camera Club
Both Day and Hannah joined us to speak about several upcoming and ongoing Camera Club events happening this semester. On February 11th at 6 PM there will be a guest lecture event, featuring the prominent Canadian fashion photographer Miguel Jacob. Next month, the club will be presenting the 87th Annual Exhibition of Photography on March 18th, with all submissions due on the 9th. Every semester the club also hosts a wide array of photography courses from Knowing your Camera to Portraiture.
For more information visit: or

3. Robin Jessome – Trombonist & member of Blunt Objects
Robin Jessome is a trombonist and one of the 11 members of Blunt Objects. The group showcases young jazz talent and Jessome’s imaginative compositions and arrangements. Blunt Objects will be performing for Jazz at Oscar’s on February 6th at 9 PM in the Arbor Room.
For more information visit:

4. Nina Boric- ReelPolitik Film Festival
Nina Boric spoke to us about the ReelPolitik film festival running from February 5th-7th.
The festival showcases outstanding political films, both contemporary and historical, and promotes public education on global issues.
For more information visit:

Music on the Show:
Final Fantasy – Horsetail Feathers
Luke Doucet – The Lovecats
Jeremy Fisher – Ain’t Got Nothing but Plenty of Time
Kevin Fox – The Signs
The Hylozoists – Dark Scene Waltz
The Hylozoists – Soixante-Sept

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Travels to Namibia, Islam Awareness Month, Harps and Strategic Management

Guests on the Show:

1. Jayme Sampa & Danielle Collette- PHE Students
We spoke to Jayme and Danielle, both PHE students, who spent four months last summer on an exchange in Namibia. While there they participated in the Physically Active Youth (PAY) program, using sport development to educate youth about HIV/AIDS.

2. Hodan Osman & Hashi Muhammad- Members of the Muslim Students’ Association
Hodan and Hashi spoke about two events happening this week as part of Islam Awareness Month. The first event, ‘Women Living Islam- A Glimpse into the Lives of Muslim Women’ is taking place on January 29th while the second event, The Goodness of God and the Problem of Evil’ will be held on the 30th. Both events run from 6PM – 9PM at the Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building.
For more information visit:

3. Lori Gemmell- Classical Harpist
Lori Gemmell took a break from rehearsal to join us and talk about her recently released CD, ‘The Garden of Peacocks.’ Lori is part of a harp duo, with Jennifer Swartz, and together they have compiled a collection of their favourite pieces drawing from a wide variety of influences. The harpists will be performing on February 1st at 3:00PM in the Great Hall.
For more information visit:

4. Dr. Nick Bontis- Ph.D. Associate Professor of Strategic Management, McMaster University
We had a quick preview today for the Hancock Lecture with an interview featuring Nick Bontis. The interview prepared us for the upcoming lecture, Calibrating Your Future: The Balancing Act Between Social and Technological Pressures taking place on February 4th at 7:00PM in the Great Hall. At the Event Professor Bontis will outline the major challenges and pitfalls of the knowledge era and provide a glimpse into the future working conditions of today's university graduates. In addition Professor Bontis will show students how they can seize the opportunity for increased productivity while still pursuing what is most important: a high quality work/life balance. Tickets at
For more information visit:

Music on the Show:
The magic- Mr. Hollywood
Bruce Peninsula- Steamroller
Wildlife- Little Darling
Timber Timbre- Lay Down in the Tall Grass
Luke Doucet & the White Falcons- Long Haul Drive
Luke Doucet & the White Falcons- First Day (in the New Hometown)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Progressive Politics, Water Polo, Jazz & Careers

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Guests on the Show:

Linda White - Associate Chair of the Political Science Department
We spoke to Professor Linda White about an upcoming event on January 26th called Cities of Tomorrow: Is Progressive Politics Alive? The event will showcase the former Mayor of London, UK, the current Mayor of Cambridge, MA, and Toronto’s own David Miller. It is anticipated that these three guests will engage in a very fascinating conversation pertaining to their respective politics at the municipal level.
For more information visit:

George Gross Jr. - Coach of the Men’s Varsity Water Polo Team
Coach George Gross Jr. joined us for a conversation on the successful water polo season, as well as the recruitment process for the varsity team.
For more information visit:

Ali Berkok - Musician
Ali Berkok, composer and member of the Toronto based modern jazz quartet Arkana Music, Spoke to us about the group’s unique focus on improvisation and creative music. Arkana Music will be performing on January 23rd at 9:00 PM in the Arbor Room.
For more information visit:

Suhan Hanifa - Career Centre
We spoke to Suhan Hanifa about the events taking place during Career Exploration Week and the services offered to current and recent graduates at the University of Toronto Career Centre. For more information visit:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jerry Springer, Tranquil Exercise, Music & Hart House Activities

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Guests on the Show:

Byron Rouse, Scott Gorman and Benjamin Mehl – Cast Members of Jerry Springer
We spoke to Byron, Scott and Benjamin about their upcoming performances in Jerry Springer- the Opera. The animated trio shared their experiences at Hart House Theatre, as well as their transitions from Shakespeare and traditional musicals to Jerry Springer.
For more information visit:

Joseph Senco - Feldenkrais and Tai Chi Instructor
Joseph shared insight into the health and wellness benefits of Feldenkrais and Tai Chi. Both activities are available through instructional classes offered at the AC beginning the week of January 19.
For more information visit:

Pat Robitaille – Solo Artist
We spoke to Pat Robitaille on the afternoon before his performance in the Arbour Room, where he opened for Michou. Born and bred in Windsor, Ontario, Pat’s hard-earned years on the road already shine through with a comfortable attitude on and off stage.
For more information visit:

Abby Ralph –Hart House Programs Intern
Abby joined us to talk about three exciting events happening the week of January 19 at Hart House. The first being the screening of Obama’s Inauguration taking place on January 20 from 10:00am -1:00pm in the East Common Room. The second event, Hot Talks- Fact or Friction: The Continuous Tension Between Science and Religion will be taking place on January 21 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm in the Arbor Room. The third event Abby presented, Dealing with Dictators: What should Canada and the International Community do about Tyrants? will be occurring on January 22 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm in the Debates Room.
For more information visit: