Thursday, September 17, 2009

New UofT Student Website, Sri Lanka Panel Discussion, Ask First Campaign, Queer Events on Campus

September 17th, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Deanne Fisher, Director, Office of Student Life at UofT

Our first guest on today's show was Deanne Fisher, the Director of
Student Life at the University of Toronto. Deanne spoke with Darcy about the exciting, newly launched students access website that is packed with new features and multimedia.
Check it out for yourself at:

2. Shiva Logarajah, Hart House Debates Committee

Next on the show Shiva Logarajah sat down in studio to speak with Jeff and Gavin about a panel discussion at Hart House entitled, Sri Lanka: Short Term Imperatives and Long Term Solutions. Shiva spoke about the expert panelists that will be speaking at the event and also addressed why it is so important to start a dialogue in support of a lasting peace in Sri Lanka. This free event takes place at Hart House in the Debates room on September 22nd and is open to the community.

3. Cheryl Champagne, Assault Counsellor / Educator, Counseling and Psychological Services at UofT

At half past the hour Darcy was joined on the show by regular guest Cheryl Champagne, who dropped by to inform listeners about the Counselling and Psychological Services' Ask First Campaign. Cheryl was able to address some of the myths and popular misconceptions surrounding sexual assault as well as inform listeners about resources and workshops that are available on campus.

4. Fariya Mohiuddin and Cory Scott from LGBTOUT

At the bottom of the hour on today’s show guests Fariya Mohiuddin and Cory Scott from LGBTOUT spoke with Gavin about Queer events coming up on Campus including the welcome BBQ and the Homohop taking place on Friday September 18th.

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