Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guests On the Show:

Karen M. - Centre for Community Partnerships- - Work study programs available at the University of Toronto
Mary Beth - Varsity athltes involved in the Olympics
Chris McDowall. - The Exhibition - Air show finale, new programming available this year
Marcos Castellanos - Destination Cuba, Che Guevera work Brigade through George Brown College

Music on the Show:

Brendan Canning - All the best wooden toys come from Germany
Hey Rosetta - Red Heart
Dinosaur Bones - Track 3 on self titled ep
Brendan Canning - Antique bull

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rest that Weary Head of Yours: Mayhem, Art & Working for a Living

Today's Show:

1. Arlene Clement from the University of Toronto Student Housing Service - we spoke about where to live for the upcoming school year, residence options, tenancy rights issues, and interesting events. If you're in need of a place this year check out:

2. Michael Rubenfeld from SummerWorks Theatre and Arts Festival - An annual festival of indie theatre and arts with music, controversial subject matter and even an art gallery! For ticket and schedule information go to:

3. Sunny Kerr from Delicious Mayhem - A great forum for art activity on campus, Art Lounge Fresh Meet, hosts an event "Delicious Mayhem" with a focus to artsy first years. Come out to experience a drawing wall, free food, and conversations with local artists. The event is at the U of T Art Centre on September 3rd. Check out: or for more info.

4. Matt Harpur, an Assistant Coordinator from Trojan One - Matt spoke about his experiences interning and the challenges and rewards of gaining career experience at a large company. Matt is currently working on Nike's Human Race that is aiming to celebrate running around the globe. Check out: or for more information.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Lottery, Orientation,

The show today:

1. Winning the Lottery - we spoke about the latest big winners of the Lotto 649 jackpot.

2. Welcome Week - we spoke with Sarah Marti about "Welcome Week", an alternative to traditional orientation week for students that don't belong to the traditional colleges such as mature students, commuters, fixed income students, and all others. Check out the website for info:

3. The New Hart House Senior Communication Director - we spoke with the new senior communications director Alexis Chapman about planning large events and Hart House.

4. The Eco-Savvy Festival - we spoke with Tommy Trinh about the Eco-Savvy festival that will be happening on Aug 16th at Mel Lastman Square. The festival is a free outdoor collection of music, information, and vendors for eco-conscious consumers. For more information go to:

Music on the show:

Tigerrr Beat - hold my hand
Astrophagus - Why I cut off my hands
Sam Roberts - Oh Maria
The Russian Futurists - Still Life
Plants and Animals - keep it real
The Awkward Stage - your heart serves only you
Dearly Beloved - Candy Coated