Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rest that Weary Head of Yours: Mayhem, Art & Working for a Living

Today's Show:

1. Arlene Clement from the University of Toronto Student Housing Service - we spoke about where to live for the upcoming school year, residence options, tenancy rights issues, and interesting events. If you're in need of a place this year check out:

2. Michael Rubenfeld from SummerWorks Theatre and Arts Festival - An annual festival of indie theatre and arts with music, controversial subject matter and even an art gallery! For ticket and schedule information go to:

3. Sunny Kerr from Delicious Mayhem - A great forum for art activity on campus, Art Lounge Fresh Meet, hosts an event "Delicious Mayhem" with a focus to artsy first years. Come out to experience a drawing wall, free food, and conversations with local artists. The event is at the U of T Art Centre on September 3rd. Check out: or for more info.

4. Matt Harpur, an Assistant Coordinator from Trojan One - Matt spoke about his experiences interning and the challenges and rewards of gaining career experience at a large company. Matt is currently working on Nike's Human Race that is aiming to celebrate running around the globe. Check out: or for more information.

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