Friday, May 22, 2009

HH Space Booking, UofT Garden Plots, Lit City

May 21st, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Mahvish Ashraf, Conference & Meeting Services Coordinator at Hart House

At the top of the hour Alexis spoke with Mahvish Ashraf, Conference & Meeting Services Coordinator at Hart House, about some of the beautiful spaces at hart house which are both accessible to the public and available for event bookings.

2. Joel Loughead – Hart House Farm Committee

Hart House Farm committee member Joel Loughead spoke about the expanding garden plots at the farm and on campus. The plots are part of the University of Toronto Campus Agriculture Project, which aims to provide the University community with healthy food and activities, research opportunities, and establish the University as a model for urban sustainability.

3. Day Millman - Coordinator, Programme and Outreach at Hart House

Day spoke about the upcoming event Doors Open Toronto, a city wide event that Hart House is participating in on May 23rd & 24th. The theme for this year is "Lit City", as the weekend will include readings, tours and programming from authors that have used Toronto as a setting in their work.

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