Monday, June 1, 2009

Bike Month Breakfast, Ferno House, Oztrekk, The Strand

May 28th, 2009
Guests on the show:

1. Lynsay Henderson, Hart House Membership Services Coordinator

Leading off the show Alexis Chapman sat down with Lyndsay Henderson from The Hub at Hart House and spoke about the Bike Month Breakfast event on June 3rd. All are welcome to attend this free event that will feature breakfast nibbles and coffee, as well as a performance by the band The Wanted.

2. Arnaud Brassard and Spencer Gordon from Ferno House

Next on the show Jeff interviewed Arnaud Brassard and Spencer Gordon from Ferno House, a brand new publishing house that launched their debut release: For Crying Out Loud on Friday May 29th at Hart House. Arnaud went in to detail about the labor intensive production methods he employed to produce the finely crafted anthology and Spencer described how the project began.

3. Beth Mcnally, Co-founder of Oztrekk
At Half past the hour Beth Mcnally will joined us by phone to talk about Oztrekk, a Canadian company that connects Canadian graduates with grad school opportunites in Australia. Oztrekk hosts and annual fair at Hart House to answer common questions that students have regarding Grad opportunities overseas.

4. Sean MacKay, Editor of The Strand

At the bottom of the hour Kimberly Stemshorn spoke with Sean Mackay, editor of the Victoria College Newspaper, The Strand. Sean informed listeners of the direction the Strand is taking in the upcoming school year and how students can get involved with the paper.

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