Thursday, April 23, 2009

Public Water Initiative, Summer Film Workshops, Recession Proof Bride, Hart House Theatre 09/10 Season

April 23rd, 2009
Guests on the Show:

1. Karen Cao, Public Water Initiative

1 in 3 Canadians drink it exclusively for their daily water consumption, falsely believing it to be "cleaner" "healthier" and "safer" than tap water. Aggressive marketing by private bottled water manufacturers and the failure of our public institutions to uphold our water infrastructure and educate residents has led to this trend, yet NO evidence suggests that bottled water is safer, cleaner or healthier than tap water; on the contrary, evidence suggests the complete opposite - including grave
environmental, health, economic and social consequences.

2. Rick Palidwor, Director of the UofT Film Festival

Rick spoke about Practical filmmaking workshops where students will engage in one or more hands-on shooting and editing exercises each day, expertly guided and designed to impart the most fundamental skills needed to make a movie: techniques of pictorial continuity, finding the best frame, and simple sound solutions. Students can leave the workshop with 3 completed shooting exercises in hand and the exercises can be easily replicated.

3. Stephanie Kern- Event Manager at Hart House

Hart House, in partnership with the hit reality T.V show Rich Bride, Poor Bride is pleased to announce Recession Proof Bride, a wedding workshop to educate the bride-to-be and share expert advice on how to cut costs without cutting corners. With the economic recession upon us, many brides are wondering how to create the perfect wedding with less or simply where to spend and where to skip. On May 9, 2009, the experts at Hart House, along with Angelique Sobschak of Rich Bride, Poor Bride, will host a one-day workshop to share their knowledge and help brides learn how to make their day possible, despite economic hardships.

For full workshop details and schedule please visit:

4. Andrea Wasserman, Marketing Coordinator for the Performing Arts at Hart House

Andrea spoke about the successes of the 08/09 Hart House Theatre season and how they intend to build on them in 09/10. For more information please visit

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