Thursday, March 12, 2009

North Korean Research Group, International Relations Conference, Fair Trade Fair & Edgecodes

Guests on the Show

1. Guest: Michael Motala- Communications Officer for the North Korean Research Group
Michael spoke about several upcoming events being presented by the Research Group. The first being Beyond Missiles and Nukes: The Humanitarian and Human Rights Crisis in North Korea taking place today (March 12) with guest speaker L. Gordon Flake. The second event will be held on March 16th and is titled Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World's Most Repressive Country with guest speaker Mike Kim.
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2. Guest: Gabe De Roche – Co- president, International Relations Society
Gabe came by to speak about the International Relations Society and their upcoming conference, The Path to Peace in Afghanistan. The conference will take place on March 13th and 14th and will feature the former Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Arif Lalani, as the keynote speaker.
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3. Guest: Emily Doukogiannis – Programme Coordinator at Hart House
Emily spoke to us about the HH Social Justice Committee and their upcoming Fair Trade Fair on March 18th as well as the '09/'10 Hart House Committees Student Applications, due March 20th.
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4. Rick Palidwor interviewing Alex Shuper – Film Director & Editor
Rick spoke to Alex about his film Edgecodes. This in-depth look at the history of film editing gathers the opinions of a wide range of academics, critics, directors and editors, including Michael Ondaatje, Norman Jewison, George Lucas and Thelma Schoonmaker.
The film will be screened tonight at 8:30 PM as part of the 8th Annual U of T Film Festival.
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Music on the Show:

Gentlemen Reg- Coastline
P.S. I Love You- 2012
Magic Jordan- Running for our Lives
Jenn Grant- Sailing by Silver ships
dd/mm/yyyy- No Life
Julie Doiron- Blue

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