Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Poems that don't Suck, Photography, Music & Political Films

Guests on the Show:

1. Billeh Nickerson – Poet & Performer
Billeh Nickerson shared some of his poetry writing tips with us and spoke about his upcoming workshop at Hart House, How to Write a Valentine's Love Poem That Doesn't Suck. The event is happening on February 13th from 1 PM to 2:30 PM.
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2. Day Millman & Hannah Fleisher – Program Advisor and Exhibition Coordinator of Hart House Camera Club
Both Day and Hannah joined us to speak about several upcoming and ongoing Camera Club events happening this semester. On February 11th at 6 PM there will be a guest lecture event, featuring the prominent Canadian fashion photographer Miguel Jacob. Next month, the club will be presenting the 87th Annual Exhibition of Photography on March 18th, with all submissions due on the 9th. Every semester the club also hosts a wide array of photography courses from Knowing your Camera to Portraiture.
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3. Robin Jessome – Trombonist & member of Blunt Objects
Robin Jessome is a trombonist and one of the 11 members of Blunt Objects. The group showcases young jazz talent and Jessome’s imaginative compositions and arrangements. Blunt Objects will be performing for Jazz at Oscar’s on February 6th at 9 PM in the Arbor Room.
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4. Nina Boric- ReelPolitik Film Festival
Nina Boric spoke to us about the ReelPolitik film festival running from February 5th-7th.
The festival showcases outstanding political films, both contemporary and historical, and promotes public education on global issues.
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Music on the Show:
Final Fantasy – Horsetail Feathers
Luke Doucet – The Lovecats
Jeremy Fisher – Ain’t Got Nothing but Plenty of Time
Kevin Fox – The Signs
The Hylozoists – Dark Scene Waltz
The Hylozoists – Soixante-Sept

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