Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sports and the Outdoors

Here is a summary of our show:

1. Roasannagh Maclennan - Canadian Olympic Trampoline athlete - we spoke with her about the upcoming olympics in Beijing and he sport.

2. Stephen Reinhart - Hart House Farm Mid Summer's Eve Event - we spoke with him about the yearly even taking place at Hart House farm on June 21-22. It is a summer weekend of outdoor activities, sports, camping, bonfires, and even a sauna. For more information please go to the Hart House website:

3. Hockey Night in Canada theme sale and other themes in sports and music.

4. Father's Day


artist - song

Fidgital - Make Up Friends
Major Maker - Forty Five
Hot Chip - Boy from School
Human Kind - Mess of a Boy
Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating
Woodhands - Can't See Straight
M83 - We Own the Sky

See you next week!

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