Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life in the City, and Beyond...

Today on the show:

1. Tong Wang and Majid Valipour - students with the International Students' Centre. Tong (from China) and Majid (from Iran) spoke about their experiences with ISC, with Toronto and Canada, and with sports in North America (specifically softball). For more info go to:

2. Geeta Sheker - Director of Initiative for Women in Business at the Rotman School of Management. Geeta spoke about a new program called "Business Edge for Internationally Trained Women". Check out their website for more info:

3. Sophia LeFevre and Meredith Cheesbrough playwright and actors for the Fringe Festival. Sophia wrote a hilarious comedy called "Follow your Bliss" all about the paths and pitfalls of women trying to find success. For ticket, venue, and schedule information check out:

4. Nona Robinson, Dean of Students for University College at the University of Toronto. Nona discussed the Commuter Student Centre and the activities and resources available to commuting students at U of T.

Music on the show:

Plants & Animals - Lola Who?
The Acorn - Heirlooms
Hilotrons - Lost in Yichang
Gonzales - Working Together
Adam & the Amethysts - The Return
Besnard Lakes - Disaster

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