Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summerlicious, Men's Varsity Volleyball, Beaches Summer Jazz Festival.

1. Explore Toronto during the summer! Dinner at the CN Tower, Tour Bus (Do you agree with the guide?) Summerlicious - Select Toronto restauraunts offer discounts to encourage torontonians to sample the city's wide selection of fine dining.

2. Ed Drakich, Men's UofT Varsity Volleyball coach. Responsible for managing the beach volleyball tournament for the summer olympics in Beijing. Beach Tournament starts on August 9th (Women's) August 10th (Men's).

3. Beaches Summer Jazz Festival. Bill King and Jessica from The Divas talk about the many differnt artists playing at the festival. Starts July 18th at 6pm at Woodbine and Lakeshore. The Young Divas will be touring across Canada starting in November. This weekend, July 19th & 20th the street scene will fetaure over 40 bands. For more info check out

Music on the show:
Bach - Sonata #2 in A minor -(allegro) Performed by Lara St. John
Sloan - Parallel Play - Champ Champagne
Hilotrons - Lovesuit
Plants and Animals - Bye Bye Bye
Jessica Lalonde - Isn't it Romantic
Sophie Berkal-Sarbit - Love For Sale
Joshephine Biundo - Bei Mir Bist du Schon

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