Thursday, October 23, 2008

Athletics, theatre, and panel discussions

Guests on the show:

1. Abby Ralph - Programmes Intern at Hart House
We spoke about two events coming up at Hart House:

Towards Reconciliation - Panel discussion today at 6 at Hart House discussing public apologies and residential schools.

US Election Night Extravaganza - Hart House will host a central location where students can watch the results of the election. There will be food, a cash bar, and a variety of interesting speakers and discussion. The event is on Nov 4th at 6pm.

For more information visit:

2. Tanisha Taitt - Director of the Vagina Monologues
We talked with Tanisha about the Vagina Monologues as away to help break the silence about violence against women and to raise money. The play will be taking place this Saturday and Sunday at the Berckman Theatre.

Buy tickets at:
Or visit for more info:

3. Nabil Tadros - Head Coach of the Varsity Tennis Team
We spoke to Nabil about the U of T's Varsity Tennis Team and the team's recent win at the OUA championships this past weekend.

4. Kirstin Shier - Captain of the Varsity Women's Field Hockey
This weekend the team will be playing in a tournament that starts tomorrow, with their first game coming up on Saturday. Come out to the Varsity Centre this weekend, the Varsity Blues will be playing at noon. For more information go to:

Music on the show:

Sunset Rubdown - Shut up I am dreaming of places where lovers have wings
Mother Mother - Body of years
Hexes and Ohs - Seems so elementary
Tanisha Taitt - Lapsed
The Composers Collective Big Band - Old milestones (Miles Davis)
Cadence Weapon - In search of the youth crew

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